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The Weekly Dead 53

Hello survivors and welcome to The Weekly Dead. This week we, ah you guys know how the Weekly Dead works, let’s just jump right in!

Inventory Refactor

Still on that huge inventory refactor we’ve been doing, reorganizing how items look and feel inside the inventory and how you interact with them, getting all of that wrapped up.
This week we’ve worked extensively on adding attributes to loot items including defense, speed, infection risk reduction, fire resistance, and things like that.

We’ve also added tool tips to the items, with all these attributes visible.

Armor deals with durability differently than weapons, so you’ll see much higher durability ratings on armor and clothing than weapons.


We also have been doing a lot of work under the hood on multiplayer. Specifically things like door physics working correctly cross network, picking up and interacting with objects, and general consistency between client and host. Basically trying to get all the survivors on the same page all the time.


We’ve got a lot of cool pictures to show off that I just don’t know how to categorize otherwise.

First off, we have a few apartments showing signs of previous survivor interaction.

Pretty spooky looking to me at least. I mean, these images suggest that the bathroom for that apartment building is communal, and that’s the spookiest thing I can think of!

We also have some images showing off our day/night cycle which lets us change time of day, density of clouds, moon phases, and more.

I could look at that sky all day. In fact, you just did!

Other Stuff

A few other things of interest were also made this week.

Starting with, an FPS counter added to the options menu so you can see how changing the options affects your performance.

and for our own purposes, a dev test center.

This will allow us to quickly look at every item in the game, pick them up, and test them. It makes testing the items both easy and fun, and shows us at a glance which items need to be worked on. You can’t read it in the picture, but the green circle that is visible says “Walk here to spawn ammo” and as long as the gun has an ammo type plugged in, just walking into that circle will spawn us ammo.

It’s a pretty sweet addition for us.

And finally, new zombie animations.

That delay will be fixed up soon, but we thought you might want to see that animation sooner.

Social Media Stuff

Now we arrive at the weekly reminder that Geoff, Richard, and Chaoss do livestreams every now and then on twitch.
The Sandswept Team Page

Be sure to follow us on twitter @TheDeadLinger for more development news!

Linger on, Survivors!

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The Weekly Dead 52

Hello survivors! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly Dead, where we explain what we have been doing all week.

Update 3

Update 3 will focus on 3 main areas.

1:Multiplayer and fixing small issues.
2:Inventory and refactoring.
3:Loads of little fixes and additions that Geoff can work on in the meantime.

Now, last week’s focus was multiplayer, and this week has mainly been inventory issues, so we’ll go straight to that for now.


This was the delicious meat of this week’s work, refactoring inventory.
Tool tips have been created and work pretty well actually. For both items in your inventory, and your stat organs.

Looks a little something like this.

Items can now be dragged and dropped, much like one would do in Diablo.

The backpack can also be closed with the ‘Esc’ key, a small but important feature.

Finally, the survivor model, YOUR survivor, is visible in the inventory. It’s a work in progress but it lays out the proper foundation.

Clothing items you wear will be visible on your model in the inventory.

The rest of the inventory fixes, tweaks, and refactoring was mainly deep coding and blue print work. Things like weapon and equipment sockets.

Little Things and Bug Fixes

Now onto the little things that have been worked on.

Things like, fixing a typo in the credits screen, adding dev commands, making it so you can’t open the inventory in the splash screen, and adding a button to click on the splash screen for clicky people. What does it do? We’ll let you figure that one out.

Stamina now regenerates slowly when walking compared to standing still. It no longer drains while standing still and holding shift.

Ladders have also gotten a little love. They now have a box at the top of the ladder that can detect whether you are coming up to it on the ladder, or off of it. If you are on it, you are placed safely at the top of the ladder when you hit the box. If you are off of it, you are placed safely on the ladder.

A basic feedback form has also been worked on. Heavily in progress, so much so that it won’t be in update 3 at this point. But it was something made and is worth a look.

At this point, F8 will be the key to bring this screen up. Oh and the tool tips here are the wrong way around.

A basic Celsius temperature gauge has been implemented. So now the rest of the world can know how hot it is in game.

Finally, there is this baby.

That will show your survivor when you click on it. Currently deciding if we’ll load a save or load the main save to display it, but this also might pave the way for a 3D background in the main menu.

That wraps up this week’s Weekly Dead.

Social Media Stuff

Now we arrive at the weekly reminder that Geoff, Richard, and Chaoss do livestreams every now and then on twitch.
The Sandswept Team Page

Be sure to follow us on twitter @TheDeadLinger for more development news!

Linger on, Survivors!

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The Weekly Dead 51

Welcome survivors to another edition of The Weekly Dead. Last week we didn’t write one because Update 2 for the opt-in was released and we thought that would explain pretty well what we were doing. Things need explaining this week.

Update 3

“So where is update 3,” I hear you asking. Short answer, we’re working on it. But you don’t read this for short answers so I’ll explain, first what update 3 is.

Update 3 is mainly a multiplayer update and this week’s main focus has been making multiplayer work better.

Some work is also being done on the inventory.


Multiplayer had some deep rooted issues that needed to be fixed.

Over the course of the last week, Richard made it so that survivors can pickup, drop, throw items all in multiplayer, and he worked on doors for multiplayer. For back end stuff, he set up a system so that we can do a super fast startup of client/server single machine test debug. Basically, we can test mp on a single machine much faster.


We’ve not been satisfied with the way the backpack is working right now. As the primary means of player interaction with items, it needs to be better. Due to this, Geoff has been refactoring the backpack all day to fix some stuff that need to be fixed. He’s also plugged some new art into it.

There is also this

Social Media Stuff

Now we arrive at the weekly reminder that Geoff, Richard, and Chaoss do livestreams every now and then on twitch.
The Sandswept Team Page

Be sure to follow us on twitter @TheDeadLinger for more development news!

Linger on, Survivors!

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Opt-in Update 2

Hello Survivors!

If you have chosen to opt-in to B15-UE4, you should receive the latest update. Restart Steam to acquire the update if it does not download automatically. If you need information on how to opt-in, check out the Opt-In Survival Guide!

Opt In Update 2 Patch Notes:
- Due to large patch sizes, we have implemented a change to the way the files are structured. This change will basically force a re-download of the current opt-in, so this specific patch will be large (about 2.4 GB.) After that, future updates will be quite a bit smaller.
- Clothing and gear now show up on the survivor when equipped. There may be bugs with specific items. Please report any that you find.
- The inventory now supports 4:3 resolution much better than before, and is all around, more compact.
- Added a “Drop Item Here” area in the inventory to show you where and how to drop your items onto the ground.
- Items in inventory now retain their inventory grid-size when being dragged for much more accurate placement.
- Items now show their proper name when being picked up. (Known issue: Sometimes names don’t appear. We know the cause and it will be fixed.)
- Pepper Valley now has some basic clouds in the sky. We will vastly improve the sky visuals when the day-night cycle is implemented.
- Some additional buildings and rooms have had things added to them. This is some small prepatory work for larger scale additions to the world. We now have someone whose sole job is adding stuff to Pepper Valley.
- Interiors are now much, much darker, thanks to some new AO stuff we’ve turned on, alongside various other graphical shader improvements. If something does not have a graphics option yet, it almost certainly will. Any graphics options that are currently grayed out or appear to have no affect will also be implemented in the not-so-distant future. Many of the important ones are ready and waiting for you! Remember; press V to toggle your flashlight.
- Fixed some bugs with graphics settings not reliably working every time, or not properly saving their options.
- If you run into issues, the graphics options file can now be found in %APPDATA%/Local/tdl/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini. Some options on it are not available yet or are currently non-functional. If you mess anything up and need to reset your graphics to default, delete this file.
- Fixed up numerous multiplayer issues but many are still present. Multiplayer is still fairly broken – we know. It will be our main focus for Update 3 and 4.
- Fixed a bug where client survivors were not receiving a last known position in the world when joining.
- Fixed an issue where the host would receive a death screen when a client died. Death and respawn is now network friendly.
- Survivors can now access and change their Graphics and Audio settings in game via the in-game Escape Menu. (Press Esc or P)
- Doors have doorframes and generally fit better in doorways. Much of the doorframe art is placeholder. For example, a store won’t always have a wood trim doorframe. Easy to change later!
- Fixed one of the bugs with zombies resetting or twitching in their motion. Another issue is known to be present with a twitch while walking and will be corrected soon.
- Big re-factor of how Field of View (FOV) switching works. Mostly an internal change, but zooming and squinting should be much more reliable now. Zoom speeds may need some tweaking.
- Scoped rifles now properly use the scope FOV.
- Fixed some hand positions for certain guns, such as the Tundra Hawk and Mosin, which were previously floating at the survivor’s feet.
- Ironsights now use a constant FOV value, instead of subtracting from your default FOV.
- Basic recoil is in on all firearms.
- Rounds from guns now emit particle effects on impact, on all surfaces, survivors, and zombies. BlooOoOooOood! We will include gore settings later on.
- Adjusted Survivor collision capsule. It was a bit too tall.
- Fixed a bug where when Free Looking the mouse would overshoot the rotation of the head.
- Scoped guns now use their scope zoom level when aiming. (No scope visuals just yet.)
- Tons of items now look like the items they should look like. There should be a lot less untextured loot and you should see far less of those question mark boxes laying about. If you spot one, let us know!
- Fix for a bug where survivor’s would eat a food item and it would instead eat some other item in their inventory, including weapons. Yup… That was a thing.
- Fix for a bug where survivor’s would eat food and it wouldn’t disappear from the inventory.
- Small improvement to accuracy of the ‘zombie hand’ cursor used in menus and UI.
- Probably a few other small things we didn’t note.

Thanks to all the survivors who reported these issues. The majority of issues fixed in this patch were reported by the community. :)

Please continue to report issues in our bug report forum so we can track them and fix them.
Linger on, Survivors!

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The Weekly Dead 50

Wow, what a couple of weeks. Last week there was no weekly dead, due to The Dead Linger’s opt-in of the UE4 build being released, and now we are at the 50th edition of The Weekly Dead. Let’s jump right in survivors.


Last week the big announcement was made. The Dead Linger made it’s public debut in UE4. We at Sandswept hope you are all having fun with it! The game is far from complete, but now that it’s in your hands you can see exactly what we are doing and can provide us feedback based on your experiences with the game.

Check out Geoff’s vlog.

We also recommend reading the Opt-in survival guide.

Release Problems

Ah, another smooth release! Er, sorta. We released the build mainly without incident, but some users were having trouble downloading it. We tried many little fixes, but in the end, the wonderful Jenny Pina in her infinite talents discovered that the Steam keys were different from the Kickstarter / pre-Steam keys, and the survivors who bought the game on Steam rather than before were unable to download the opt-in. This has since been fixed, and if you haven’t been playing the Opt-in, you can now download it. Instructions below.

If you still don’t know how to access the Opt-In and you’ve read the Opt-in survival guide, follow these steps:

1) Go to your Steam library.

2) Go to The Dead Linger

3) Right click, to go Properties.

4) Click on the Betas tab.

5) Go to the dropdown and select “ue4optinbuild”

6) It should begin downloading!

You must, of course, own Steam, and bear in mind this is basically the alpha of our UE4 version of our alpha game. We’ll be deploying updates quite frequently! Which brings us to our next topic…

Update 1

As said, updates will be rapid for the opt-in, and they already have been to a grand total of one, with another on the way!

As for the first update, Kate, our resident bug-sniper, posted the features of the update here on our forums but I’ll post it again below for the people who don’t want to have to click links.

Opt In Update 1 Patch Notes:
- Build number has been iterated by one. All updates will do this. To check which version you are on and ensure you’re up to date with this latest patch, look in the top left at the Build Watermark for a (1) next to the text Build 15-UE4.
- Feature: Graphics Settings menu is now in place! From the main menu and in game escape menu, you may modify your graphics settings to your heart’s content. We will expand on this menu and add additional options as we progress. FOV Slider is included, but has some bugs with its visual numbers. You WILL almost certainly want to adjust your resolution upon entering the main menu!
- All missing or unknown meshes will now appear as a box with a question mark on it. If you see one, let us know what it is when you pick it up. If you can’t pick it up (i.e. not an inventory item), then just let us know where you found it as precisely as possible so we can track it down and fix it.
- Until we import all of the world meshes for clothing, all clothing of every type will look like a folded up gray checker shirt.
- SK 63 Rifle can now kill zombies and deal damage.
- Fixed a bug with all burst-based weapons.
- Farmington Shotgun fires both shells in a rapid burst, and can now kill zombies. Careful, the rounds do spread!
- Alpine Shotgun and Farmington Shotgun (the double-barrel) meshes were switched. Now they are correct.
- Fixed positioning some on the survivor’s camera. Guns and weapons should not be sitting as high on the screen now, and with less clipping in general. (Not all weapons have their proper holding animation yet, causing floating hands etc.)
- Fixed collision on one of the beds.
- Fixed collision on a bunch of the cars.
- Bodybags no longer collide with survivors or impede survivor movement but should still block objects and line of sight.
- 308 ammo box now has a world mesh.
- Toothbusters candy bar now has an inventory icon.
- Riot Shirt now has a temporary world mesh.
- Riot Helmet now has a temporary world mesh.
- Doors are now quite a bit lighter. Users with high DPI settings on their mouse may feel doors are bit too light. We will continue to tweak this or possibly add a door sensitivity slider in the future.
- Fixed wording on bottom right Feelings Text when retrieving your gear from your corpse.
- Fixed an issue where you would zoom in after eating food or right clicking on items in your inventory.
- Inventory no longer closes when right clicking items that aren’t food.
- Probably some other tiny stuff we didn’t properly record for the patch notes.

Phew! That’s some good fixings.

I’d also just like to point out this wonderful submission by a survivor.

A big thanks to jeremyxy83 for our box art, I had one sensible chuckle upon seeing it.

If you do happen to be seeing very pixely graphics, check that little Screen Resolution option. There’s currently a bug where it may sometimes get reset to 0. We’ll have that fixed in Update 2.

Update 2

Speaking of Update 2, it’s not out yet but it’s on its way. The main things to be fixed in update 2 are as follows

- Multiplayer fixes.
- Loads and loads of loot items are getting their proper art now.
- Some minor work on clothing working on survivors. We can’t guarantee this will be in Update 2, but it’s among the things being worked on.
- Graphics Settings improvements. There are some bugs with the graphics settings not saving or reverting when they should or shouldn’t, respectively.
- Audio Volume Sliders.
- Basic recoil, some gun improvements in general.
- Loads of little bug fixes.
- Inventory fixes, dragging and dropping and eating items alongside support for a 4:3 resolution layout. (Pictured below)

In the future, the gap in the 16:9 image will be covered by “looking into your backpack” so don’t worry about players with larger resolutions being able to get a one up on players with smaller monitors.

This is the clothing thus far, clearly a work in progress. The textures will be added soon, and the clipping is just a missing texture mask.

Grant’s estimate on the textures is “today” but he doesn’t know when and the blog can’t wait for slow-pokes! Just kidding. Grant has literally been working around the clock to get everything imported from the old Unity build, on top of his regular job as rigger and sometimes animator. He has about 8 hats. It’s a real stack. Speaking of hats, lots of hats along with all the clothing will be visible and looking excellent either in Update 2 or Update 3, at this rate.

Social Media Stuff

Now we arrive at the weekly reminder that Geoff, Richard, and Chaoss do livestreams every now and then on twitch.
The Sandswept Team Page

Be sure to follow us on twitter @TheDeadLinger for more development news!

Linger on, Survivors!

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