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Build 002 – “Hotfix Alpha”

Hello Survivors.
It has been almost a week since the Alpha was launched, and you have all survived. Some of you fell victim to horrendous crashes, and others prospered in the land. Or you just stacked boxes and !@&$. Whatever may be the case, the first patch has arrived! This patch is primarily stability fixes.

You can find download links, instructions, and patch notes below.

Download Instructions

Please follow the instructions which pertain to your specific situation.

A) I’ve already downloaded and need to update my current game.

1. Download the patch for Build 002.
2. Copy (or otherwise move) the patcher file to your TDL folder (default: C:\Sandswept Studios\The Dead Linger Alpha).
3. Run it, and enjoy as it updates your game to Build 002. (Requires Build 001 to be installed.)

B) I’ve bought the game, but I haven’t downloaded it yet.

1. Ensure you are logged in to your Sandswept Legion account that was used to purchase the game. (If you have a code, redeem via the link in Step 2.)
2. Go to the BuyTDL page.
3. If you have purchased the game, you will be redirect to a download link, which will download Build 002 in full.
4. Once done with download, run the installer.
5. Once finished installing, run TDL.exe. Enjoy!

C) I haven’t purchased The Dead Linger yet.

1. If you have not purchased The Dead Linger, you can pre-order now to enjoy the Alpha, future Beta, and final release. If you purchase now, you never have to buy it again.
2. Once purchased, follow instruction set B.

Patch Notes:

    General Changes
  • TDL.exe and TDLServer_Main.exe now have desktop icons. They may not show if you do not install from scratch. If you already have the game installed and download the auto-patcher, you will still receive the .ico files and can use them by right clicking on your TDL executables, clicking Properties, and then pressing Change Icon. Simply find the icons in your TDL install folder to use them.
  • Escape menu in-game text now reads “ESCAPE MENU” instead of “GAME PAUSED” due to the fact that some players were confused. The game does not currently pause when you are in the escape menu, Solo Mode or Multiplayer.
  • The Printscreen key will now properly create and save a screenshot while the inventory is open, as well as in other menus. Screenshots taken this way are saved to your %appdata%/Sandswept Studios/The Dead Linger folder.
  • Console command “kill” can now be used. This will kill your character and respawn them. This is particularly useful if you are stuck. The console can be accessed by pressing the tilde (~) key.
  • Removed console command “d_playerflip”.
  • Quite a few crashes, both on startup and during play have been fixed.
  • Players should now be able to disconnect from a server and reconnect to a new server without crashing all of the time. (There may still be some issues here.) If you are receiving a crash when trying to join after leaving a server, simply restart TDL.
  • Fixed crash on startup for certain GPUs.
  • Servers should not crash as often.
  • Fixed a bug on slower machines where TDL would crash on startup and/or initial connection to a server.
  • There is now a popup indicating when you have been disconnected from a server.
  • Improved error messages and error logging to help catch bugs and assist players with reporting issues to us in a more clear and concise manner.
  • World Changes
  • Massive update to the world spiral generation. Worlds should now generate and appear much sooner. Players should rarely (or never) encounter holes in terrain or houses that pop in right in front of them. There should also be a noticeable performance increase when loading chunks of the world, both initially, and as you travel through it.
  • Some new weapons can now be found.
  • In-Game Chat Changes
  • Names now appear next to whoever is sending the message.
  • The chat box window is now localized to the bottom of the screen, instead of taking a full third of it.
  • Chat now closes the chatbox after sending a message instead of staying open.
  • You can no longer send a blank message.
  • Overlap bug on some resolutions is now fixed. (Thanks Kadem2!)
  • Join message now appears when player joins.
  • A series of messages now appear as you get hungrier. (Below 30%)
  • Gameplay Changes
  • Unarmed punches now do 75% less damage. We recommend you find a weapon before trying to take out zombies.
  • Reduced zombie health to 80, down from 100.
  • Increased zombie damage to 15, from 6.
  • Lowered kick damage to 5, from 30. Kick is useful for breaking doors and pushing foes away, but is not intended for outright killing.
  • Lowered kicks required to break doors. 3 to 4 kicks will now break a door, down from 7.
  • Couches, fridges, and some other large items can not longer be picked up, but they can still be pushed around by players.
  • Zombies are no longer sliding or ‘skateboarding’ around.
  • There is now a drop area in the inventory to help players understand how to drop items.
  • Many inventory items are now placed diagonally in their space, giving a better representation of how much space they require.
  • Weapons and items should no longer disappear when traveling long distances.
  • Lingerman removed.
  • Known Issues:
  • There are still some annoying issues with inventory items, especially when picking up items when your inventory is full, as well as picking up items in multiplayer. Should be fixed up in the next patch.
  • Most bugs reported that are not mentioned on this list remain unfixed and will be steadily fixed over the next few patches
  • Connecting to a later / earlier build will crash your game. (i.e. if someone is trying to connect to a Build 002 server from a Build 001 client.) If you a trying to connect to an earlier build, a popup should deploy saying “Server refused the connection.”
  • If you can not see servers on the server list, restart TDL fresh and they should appear.
  • Names of players are not correctly removed when they leave a game.
  • There are some issues with picking up items when you first join a multiplayer game. Waiting a minute or so usually fixes this issue.
  • Server names still are very limiting (16 characters, no numbers, no spaces.) We are planning to address this issue in the next patch.
  • There are still some seemingly random crashes that we are steadily tracking down.

Please report bugs to our Bug Forum.

Linger on, Survivors!

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