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Build 004 – “Breach Point”

Hello Survivors!

If you saw our previous blog post, you’d know that we delayed 004 by one week due to the Thanksgiving holidays, and to give us more time to get in some extremely core features to The Dead Linger gameplay. Build 004 is our biggest content update yet, so we’re going to avoid a lengthy preamble and jump right into it! Below, you can find Dev Vlog #6, detailing some of the changes in the build. Below that, you can find instructions for download, and the full patch notes. Enjoy our largest content update yet!

Download Instructions

Please follow the instructions which pertain to your specific situation.

A) I’ve already downloaded and need to update my current game.

1. Run TDL.exe. (Requires version Build 003 or later)
2. You will be asked if you want to update.
3. Click Yes.
4. The game will begin updating. Progress is shown in the black command window. [101 MB patch]
5. Once finished, you will be fully updated to the latest version.* Enjoy!

B) I’ve bought the game, but I haven’t downloaded it yet.

1. Ensure you are logged in to your Sandswept Legion account that was used to purchase the game. (If you have a code, redeem via the link in Step 2.)
2. Go to the BuyTDL page.
3. If you have purchased the game, you will be redirect to a download link, which will download Build 004 in full.
4. Once done with download, run the installer.
5. Once finished installing, run TDL.exe. Enjoy!

C) I haven’t purchased The Dead Linger yet.

1. If you have not purchased The Dead Linger, you can pre-order now to enjoy the Alpha, future Beta, and final release! If you purchase now, you never have to buy it again.
2. Once purchased, follow instruction set B.

Patch Notes:

    Gameplay Changes
  • There is now a list of controls when you start the game. This list can be hidden and revealed again by pressing F1.
  • First person weapons have had a slew of visual upgrades in preparation for first-person hands in future updates:
    - Weapons no longer inter-penetrate walls when you are standing close to them.
    - Weapons now follow the player camera when looking up and down.
    - Weapons now have their own FOV so that they feel closer to the player, as if they are actually being held. instead of floating in front.
  • All firearms can now be toggled to Aim Down Sights by pressing Right Mouse Button. You can not sprint while aiming down sights, and firing from the hip is now extremely less accurate. We will be adding an option later on for players who prefer Aim Down Sights to be held, instead of a toggle.
  • Scoped rifles now use the scopes when aiming down sights.
  • By pressing Right ALT, you can toggle between a closer range ironsights or the long-range scope on weapons that have a scope.
  • Guns now require ammunition to be reloaded and fired. Ammo is used from the inventory when a gun requiring that ammunition type is reloaded.
  • Melee weapons now have durability. When they reach 0 durability (indicated by text: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Bad, Broken) they become broken and will be destroyed. We will be adding a repair system in a future update. Durability currently does not scale with item quality (Flawed, Well Kept, etc.) but it will in a future update.
  • Weapons that are equipped by other players will now appear in the other players’ hands in multiplayer. Many animation poses (i.e. holding a rifle properly) are currently not being used and will be added in a future update.
  • Zombies will now attack doors and break them if they are in search of someone on the other side.
  • The zombie head hitbox now more reliably matches the shape of the zombies head. Headshots will now be more reliable and consistent, but also slightly more difficult and require greater accuracy.
  • A zombie will no longer block the line of sight of another zombie, causing zombies in the back of a crowd to lose interest when they shouldn’t.
  • A bug has been fixed where zombies would not properly repopulate an area. Areas will now keep track of total zombies, and if the maximum limit is not high enough, it will steadily spawn new zombies randomly within the area. This is not the final system for zombie spawning and many improvements and changes will be made in the future.
  • The stat gain between various item tiers has been modified. Items of higher tier now offer a mild gain, instead of an overpowered one. Items of lower tiers are not as bad as they were.
  • Many melee weapons have been buffed to do more damage.
  • The general melee distance has been shortened by roughly 25%, or 1 meter. Melee weapons will have varying ranges later on.
  • Hunger level is now saved between sessions on the same server, and in solo mode.
  • There are some new weapons to be found, as well as some rare ones. There is a new handgun (along with a new ammo type, .44), a sledgehammer, a wooden 2×4, and more.
  • Day-Night cycle has been changed. A full game day is now 1 hour and 30 minutes, down from 2 hours. Day is now 60 minutes long (down from 85), and Night is now 30 minutes long. (down from 35)
  • Player’s last position is now properly saved in the world, and you will no longer respawn at the original spawn when rejoining a game or starting up your Solo world.
  • Physics objects (i.e. a trash can, a chair) will now react when shot with bullets. Weight and propulsion values are still unfinished, so some objects will seem much lighter or much heavier than they should.
  • Directional Damage Indicators are now 50% their original size.
  • Sprinting now drains stamina twice as slowly. You can now sprint for twice as long.
  • Stamina now takes 3 seconds longer to begin recharging after activity. (4 seconds, up from 1 second.)
  • Hunger now burns 25% faster, so you will starve in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, down from 2 hours.
  • Objects no longer hover or can be frozen when dropped. When dropped, objects now fall to the ground at reasonable gravity, instead of slamming into the ground.
  • Door Changes
  • Doors have received a massive overhaul and are much improved, though still unpolished.
    - Doors are now more responsive to your mouse movement.
    - Doors should no longer fling, fly or otherwise rotate off of their hinges when being pushed by zombies, players, or objects.
    - The math on door pulling has been changed. Pulling a door is now completely relative to player position, so it feels much more natural.
    - Doors now collide better with other objects, though many objects are still too light and are easily pushed out of the way.
    - Doors now latch reliably when closed, and will no longer latch and hold in place when they are still visually open.
  • Inventory Changes
  • Player can no longer walk around while the backpack is open. Also fixed unlimited sprinting exploit with backpack.
  • There is now a background image (placeholder) when the backpack is open.
  • Multiple crashes related to inventory and inventory saving have been fixed.
  • Multiple fixes to instances where inventory would not properly save.
  • Hunger level is now saved along with inventory.
  • Inventory item tooltips no longer fade in and are now instant.
  • Inventory item tooltip quotes should no longer be cut off or in the wrong place.
  • Items held by the cursor when the inventory is closed are now dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes items would refuse to drop when dropped around the right side of the inventory.
  • Common quality items no longer have a prefix on the tooltip in the inventory.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when un-equipping a weapon.
  • Certain items can now stack in inventory, such as ammo boxes.
  • Items dropped by another player can now be picked up in multiplayer.
  • When the backpack is open, the player can now see bars with hunger level, battery, and stamina.
  • The saved inventory weapon that is equipped when re-entering a world will now show up right away instead of requiring a re-equip before showing up.
  • The cursor no longer disappears when you right click food to eat it, while it’s being held.
  • Inventory now saves more often during play, so if there is a fatal error less data is lost.
  • Item tooltips no longer display damage or other stats of the items, and items include more description as to what they do (or will do, when we add more features.)
  • Items now have the correct names. Example: “weapon_melee_cinderblock” now shows as “Cinderblock” and so on. Guns now have names for easier identification.
  • Chat Changes
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause all of the text chat entered in the chat box to be capital letters, even without caps lock on.
  • World Changes
  • You can now find and equip clothing in the world. The extra stats in the tooltips DO NOT yet work. Clothing does not show visually yet.
  • Buildings now have windows that can be broken. Windows must be broken before you can pass through them.
  • The chance for Flawed and Contaminated items to appear has been reduced.
  • Far house LOD now matches the color and shape better. No more strange brown blocks in the distance!
  • The spawn rates of food, weapons, and other item have been substantially modified.
  • Some new furniture variants added, such as couches.
  • The collision of stairs found outside houses has been modified a bit to prevent some cases where a player would be stuck on a very tall set of stairs.
  • A bunch of texture changes and improvements to houses and other objects. (Kitchen tile, house siding, ceilings in houses, bathroom objects, and more!)
  • Mailboxes should no longer float (The shadow may still make them appear as though they’re floating in some cases.)
  • Fixed some open faces found near garages.
  • The front of a house now has a fancier door, instead of the regular white one.
  • Convenience stores now use a glass door, and have metal doors in the rear.
  • The water towers are undergoing some visual changes in preparation for ladders in a future build.
  • General Changes
  • When running in Windowed Mode, you can no longer resize the window during play, nor maximize it via the button in the top right. If you wish to change your resolution, change your resolution (“Video Mode:”) in the initial OGRE Rendering Setup window at the start when launching the game.
  • Borderless Windowed Mode is now available. You can select it in the initial OGRE Rendering Setup, going to “Fullscreen:” and setting it to “No – Borderless”.
  • Loading screen should no longer appear after signing in.
  • Loading screen now calculates world generation and will vary in length based on the speed of the world generation.
  • A yellow disconnect icon will now show if the client has not contacted the server for 4 seconds. The red disconnect icon will now show if the problem persists for 8 seconds. You will automatically disconnect from a server if you have not received a message from it for 30 seconds.
  • SSAO (Ambient Occlusion) has been optimized some and should not be such a burden on your GPU, yielding in improved framerate.
  • Fixed even more crashes that occur on disconnect and when quitting the game.
  • Multiple error message popups have been added in various locations where the game simply used to crash with no description as to why.
  • Login Screen Changes
  • The login screen has received multiple new features:
  • Players can now check the box “Play Offline” in the login screen and play offline without requiring a login. The Dead Linger is now truly DRM-free, as we have promised.
  • A popup will now display when checking “Play Offline”, informing you that you must quit to access internet games.
  • The entire login screen and text input boxes look better, and are easier to read and navigate.
  • A “remember me” function has been added, so you can remember your login and password for speedy login. Enter key works to log in.
  • An “Exit to Desktop” button has been added.
  • Clicking sounds have been added to the screen.
  • Better support for varying resolutions.
  • Other small fixes to make the screen more visually appealing, in general.
  • Settings Menu Changes
  • You can now change mouse-look sensitivity by going to the Gameplay Settings menu in the main menu. We will add additional sensitivity options later on for Aim Down Sights and things of that nature.
  • You can now choose to invert the Y-Axis (up-down) of aiming and looking around in-game. You can change this setting by going to the Gameplay Settings menu in the main menu..
  • Options that are changed in the Settings menu will now save when you leave the screen, and save properly between sessions where they sometimes would not.
  • Many animations and poses are still missing from the game. We have much of the art completed, but we will need to dedicate an entire week or so to tying in all the animations, which will be coming soon.
  • As will always be the case during Alpha, crashes still happen from time to time, but saving maintains most of your progress.
  • There are some rare cases in which a world can be corrupted and will not load.
  • Clothing does not provide any benefits yet.
  • Zombies will sometimes be seen attacking you but not actually deal any damage to you.
  • Zombies will sometimes lose interest at strange times, or otherwise ignore the player.
  • Zombies often will get stuck on “nothing”, usually in houses. We are working on this issue.
  • There is a rare issue with ammunition sometimes not reloading a gun even though the ammo is available.
  • There is a rare issue where the scoped rifle may not be able to zoom at times.
  • There is a rare issue where guns sometimes fail to provide the correct ammo or magazine count.
  • Sounds sometimes do not play properly.

Please report any and all bugs to our Bug Forum!

What’s next?

To get back onto our original two-week schedule, 005 will be coming one week after 004 (December 18th.) It will mainly be a stability and bug fix, with a few new features. After that, we are overhauling the world generation to provide players with a LOT more places to go, such as farmland, real forests, more realistic road layouts, and more! Continue being the awesome community that you are! Report bugs, and participate on the forums to help us build the best game we possibly can! Tell your friends and family to check out the game. Every pre-order helps us develop faster, and more professionally. Thank you all for your support thus far, and please continue to enjoy The Dead Linger!

Linger on, Survivors!

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