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Build 006 – “Happy New Fear!”

Hello Survivors!

The long-awaited World Generation Overhaul, Build 006, is finally released and ready for you to play it! Check out the video below to learn more about it!

Download Instructions

Please follow the instructions which pertain to your specific situation.

A) I’ve already downloaded and need to update my current game.

1. Run TDL.exe. (Requires version Build 003 or later)
2. You will be asked if you want to update.
3. Click Yes.
4. The game will begin updating. Progress is shown in the black command window.
5. Once finished, you will be fully updated to the latest version.* Enjoy!

B) I’ve bought the game, but I haven’t downloaded it yet.

1. Ensure you are logged in to your Sandswept Legion account that was used to purchase the game. (If you have a code, redeem via the link in Step 2.)
2. Go to the BuyTDL page.
3. If you have purchased the game, you will be redirect to a download link, which will download Build 006 in full.
4. Once done with download, run the installer.
5. Allow the game to update to its current patch version, if any.
6. Enjoy!

C) I haven’t purchased The Dead Linger yet.

1. If you have not purchased The Dead Linger, you can pre-order now to enjoy the Alpha, future Beta, and final release! If you purchase now, you never have to buy it again.
2. Once purchased, follow instruction set B.

Patch Notes:

    World Generation Changes:
  • Massive: The world generation in The Dead Linger has been completely overhauled. You should experience a brand new, much more realistic world from 006 and onwards.
  • There are multiple new areas to find, including (but not limited to) rocky landscapes, grass plains, towns, and rural farmland.
  • There are now old barns, silos, and fields of crops to be found in Farmland areas.
  • Players should now always initially spawn in a suburban neighborhood or town.
  • The spawn rate on handguns has been increased slightly, while the shotgun and rifle spawn rates have been decreased slightly.
  • Rotten food and melted candy spawns less often than it did before.
  • A few more objects spawn where they previously did not.
  • Military clothing spawns much less often in houses than it did before.
  • Hallways and rooms inside houses are generally wider now.
  • House generation now checks for slopes better, and houses should rarely, if ever, appear underground or partially buried now.
  • There are multiple new forest types. Forests are much, much larger, as well as much more dense.
  • Stores and houses should no longer spawn double doors (two doors side by side or going into the same room from the same room) as often as they did previously.
  • Zombies are much denser in previously populated areas, and less dense in rural and forests. There are scattered reports that they can sometimes be seen huddling in crowds as well. Stay alert.
  • Gameplay Changes:
  • Ladders are now climbable. To climb, walk to a ladder and look the direction you want to climb. Jumping will detach you from the ladder. Every ladder you encounter can now be climbed. Enjoy the view, Survivors.
  • Firearms now have recoil when fired. This system is not final, and as for any feature, feedback on our forums is welcome.
  • Most food items now give slightly less hunger fill than they did before.
  • Vegas Rifle now contains 5 rounds at a time, up from 1. It is intended to be a 5-round bolt action rifle, but until that functionality is in, it is a 5-round semi-automatic rifle, making it much more valuable than the Uinta Rifle.
  • The readability on both 7.62 ammo boxes has been improved.
  • The readability on the 12 gauge ammo boxes has been improved.
  • Some items that had “increase” instead of “decrease” and vice versa in the tooltips have now been corrected. For example, firefighter pants no longer say they “increase fire damage taken.”
  • When reloading rounds, the survivor will now prefer to take rounds from the stack with the lowest amount first.
  • Fixed a bug where zombies could hit the player from much further away than was physically possible.
  • Players can now merge stacks of items in the inventory. Piles of ammunition can now be merged, and will automatically merge when picked up as well.
  • The collision on store shelves has been improved.
  • The collision and texture of the iconic water tower has been vastly improved and updated.
  • Player walking speed reduced to 4.1, down from 4.5. Sprinting and other speeds remain unchanged.
  • When a player is killed, a message will now be displayed in the chat for all players.
  • There is now a “gun click” sound when a player tries to reload without ammo.
  • General Changes:
  • Key binding controls can now be bound to different keys via the Settings menu found in the Main Menu of The Dead Linger. Mouse bindings currently do not work.
  • The male survivor mesh is brand new, and looks much better, in preparation for clothing and other customization features, such as hair.
  • Console commands now give more information when activated.
  • Players can now log in as a server admin while playing on a server. To do so, they can either bring down the console or open text chat and type “/login ” to log in. The server host will need to customize the administratorPassword in their TDL folder \content\ServerConfig.tsc file, OR by running the server with the command flag “–adminpass= ” (no < > symbols, put your desired adminpass there instead.) More information can be found in Thunderfist’s post here.
  • Framerate has been improved in multiple cases. This will be an on-going process as we optimize the game further.
  • The chat box now announces when a player joins AND exits the game.
  • There is no longer a blank button on certain popups that only contain one option. (i.e. “OK”)
  • The backpack on the male survivor no longer fails to cast a shadow.
  • The server list now uses a simpler, more readable font.
  • Servers can now be passworded. When creating a server, you are prompted to enter a password. Leave the text area blank if you do not want a password on your server. When joining a passworded server, players are prompted to enter the correct password before being allowed to join.
  • Potential fix for a rare bug where the loading screen would remain up after the game has loaded.
  • The shadow algorithm has been improved a bit — shadows now look cleaner.
  • There is now a new shortcut target command argument you can set when running The Dead Linger. If you add (no quotes) “–datapath=:\” to your TDL or TDL server shortcuts, you can relocate where the world and inventory is saved, if you do not want it in %appdata%. [Thanks, YouJellyMan!]
  • New sound for door kicking/hitting for zombies and survivors.
  • The text in the in-game chat box and the Build Version Number are now larger and more readable.
  • In the menus, the escape key can now be used to go back one menu.
  • You can now view the Settings menu (except graphics) while playing the game. Check Known Issues for potential issue with this screen.
  • Sometimes players are unable to join a server if they have given an incorrect password on the first attempt. If this problem is encountered, simply restart TDL in order to clear the issue.
  • Fall damage will not be added until we fix some issues with the player falling off of ladders when they shouldn’t.
  • There are some issues with binding mouse buttons currently. To avoid this issue, stick to only binding keyboard keys.
  • There are some issues with the in-game Settings menu. Options changed here currently do not take effect, but the game controls can now be viewed from the Settings > Controls menu. If you want to change these options, use the out of game Settings menu found in the Main Menu.
  • A bug we are dubbing “The Blue Sky of Death” sometimes occurs when a player is climbing a ladder. When climbing a ladder, sometimes you will experience your entire screen turning blue. You will have to disconnect and reconnect to fix this issue. In some cases, it may require restarting The Dead Linger entirely. We will likely hotfix this as soon as we can.
  • Sometimes guns will vanish when traveling. To fix this issue, simply disconnect and reconnect.

Please report any and all bugs to our Bug Forum!

What’s next?

In 007, we’re going to be focusing on animations, player hands, foliage, and more!

Linger on, Survivors!

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