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E3 Recap & The Future

Hello Survivors!
Geoff Keene here, otherwise known as Zag, and I (along with Dana and Jeff) have returned from E3 alive and … Well, not zombies! Sore feet, creaking voices, and the stumbling undead were abound by the end of E3 2013 as we showed off The Dead Linger at the IndieCade booth, and it was an absolute blast for the team, press, and others who stopped by to check it out! Let’s dive right in! Pictures ahead!

E3 Recap

Note: If you are unclear about what we were doing at E3 early this month, or our intentions in attending, please be sure to check out our previous blog post.

The following E3 section is written by Dana.

E3 was a blast! As per our goal, it really helped us spread the word about The Dead Linger. Much of the time at E3 was spent getting sore feet at the IndieCade Booth where there were over 40 indie games being showcased! The ones we were able to play when we weren’t talking our heads off about The Dead Linger were super fun, creative, and created by such talented devs. It was an honor to stand alongside them (though to be fair, we all know that TDL was the best!)

Various IndieCade devs having dinner at (a very dim-lit) Yard House the night before E3

The IndieCade booth, or at least the PC section of it! It was huge! (C3 in center of frame)

We are super stoked that IndieCade selected us to be showcased at E3 and want to thank them for the opportunity! We were able to speak with tons of media and press who interviewed us, asked us LOTS of questions, and even recorded some of the interviews! Here’s one with Destructoid’s Spencer Hayes, where he dives into an interview with our very own Geoff Keene!

[ Note from Geoff: I got teased about the start of this interview. He said he was going to jump into some questions, so when he paused at the start I was confused! Alternative excuse; I'm a rebel, and I can interview however I want! xoxo - Zag ]

Matt Thorson from MattMakesGames checking out The Dead Linger, while Geoff lands a highly unflattering facial expression

We also talked with some Survivors and Kickstarter backers that stopped by. We have to say, it was just plain awesome to meet the people who have supported us, and even some guys from within the industry itself! We even gave away some fancy TDL exclusive badges, so if you happened to stop by – thank you, and cherish those gifts forever.

Thank you all for your support! Here are some pizza donations entering our mouths at E3!

Overall, E3 was an amazing and completely worthwhile experience. We were able to spread the word about The Dead Linger and gain more awareness. That awareness has led to an increase in many things, especially Greenlight votes! I’ll hand this back to Geoff to discuss Greenlight!

Status Update: Steam Greenlight

In case you’re unaware, The Dead Linger has been on Greenlight and available to vote on for about 47 days now. In those 47 days, we’ve had over 62,000 unique visitors. 58% of those have been yes votes (average) and 38% have been no votes (way below average!) What this means is that people tend to like TDL more than they don’t. Gee whiz, who would’ve thought.

As of writing this blog post, The Dead Linger sits at #28 on Steam Greenlight, out of roughly 1,324 games. To put that in perspective, we’ve surpassed 1,280 games in popularity! We couldn’t be here without each and every Yes vote! If you haven’t voted, be sure to check out the Greenlight page!

Status Update: Big Engine Change™

A lot of talk has been had regarding the upcoming Big Engine Change™ (BEC) and we’d like to go over the details once again, and talk about what we’re doing, and most importantly, why we’re taking the time to do it.

The BEC has been in the planning phases for a few months as we’ve gathered some information about our current engine and dug deeper into our list of wants and needs to make The Dead Linger true to the vision. We’ve also accounted for all the hurdles we’ve been in running into as we develop, and we’ve hit a point where an engine change is the cleanest, fastest, and best option. The bottom line is that our current engine is too restricting without multiple highly skilled individuals who know each facet – something we can’t afford, and something we don’t even require if we were simply on an engine with better tools.

So has it worked so far? Yes!

Since switching to the new engine, we have seen a substantial increase in performance, stability (not a single crash since we’ve began development in the new engine,) and ease of adding new features, as well as features we couldn’t add prior. For example, the systems we were using in the current engine did not allow us to display all our GUI elements the way we want. Very simple features – or what should be simple features – have proven to be tasks that would, over time, add literal months to our development time. The time it takes us to switch to the new engine is proving to be much less time in the long run, and will drastically increase the rate at which we develop once it’s out.

So when is it coming out? We don’t know just yet, but we’re aiming for sometime late July or early August. We have confirmed this past week that Build 010 will simply be the Big Engine Change­™ and all new features, such as hunting, will be coming in 011. Luckily, that won’t be to far off after 010 is released as our development pace will be almost twice as fast as before. Productivity in the new engine environment has skyrocketed, in no uncertain terms.

Awesome! So, what engine is it? We’re not revealing that just yet. However, here’s a few screenshots of The Dead Linger running in the new engine! Remember, this is a work in progress and we are nowhere near finished with populating the world and tidying everything up. The only art/textures that are not custom is the skybox, which will be overhauled prior to the release of 010 with our brand new day-night cycle.

Click on an image to view the full version, if you’d like!

You’ll notice that many of the items now appear as they should – proper specular maps, better shadows, better normal maps, and more. This update is going to be huge.

Oh, and the framerate is phenomenal.

Thank you for all your Greenlight votes, and your patience with us as we overhaul the engine to deliver a smoother, better experience than ever before. You are the best community we could hope for.

Linger on, Survivors!

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