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The Dead Linger is coming to Steam!

Hello Survivors!
We’ve been officially Greenlit! The Dead Linger – Alpha will appear on Steam thanks to all your efforts at spreading the word and voting us up on our Greenlight page!

We are extremely excited and very busy as we prepare 010 (The Big Engine Change™) for release. We’re going to jump straight into a Q&A to clear up a bunch of frequently-asked-questions we’ve received since this announcement. Here we go!

Will you be releasing The Dead Linger on Steam Early Access?
Yes, that is our primary goal at this time.

What build will be released on Steam?
The upcoming Build 010 “The Big Engine Change™” will be our first release on Steam. 010 will not release through the current channels you receive the game and game updates.

Can I still buy it from the website?
Yes, but only up until we release it on Steam. Once 010 is released on Steam, all future purchases will be made through the Steam store. If you want to buy it and play it right now, you can do that here. (And thank you for your support! We are currently funded entirely by pre-order purchases.)

Will I get a Steam code if I’ve purchased the game already?
Yes, that is our plan and we’re sure Valve would be fine with it. (From our experience with our past title, DETOUR, Steam generally allows developers to create as many extra game keys as they please.) We are not going to charge our early adopters a second time to get the game on Steam.

What about that Kickstarter promise of “DRM-Free?”
The game is not finished. We promised the finished game would be DRM-Free, and we will be sticking to that. During Alpha and Beta, however, there will not necessarily be a 100% DRM-Free copy as we plan to use Steam and integrate with its features.

Are you going to integrate with Steam Workshop so we can submit weapons and items through that system?
Absolutely. This is actually one of the top reasons we want to use Steam in the first place.

How much will the game be on Steam?
For Alpha stage, we are maintaining the same price as before – $19.99 USD. With Steam, there will also be a lot more payment options than PayPal, which we know many of our users have requested.

Sounds great! So when is this happening?
Build 010 is scheduled for sometime in August, but with the Steam news coming forth, we are probably looking at a more realistic date of early September. We know many of you have waited long for this build, and we can assure you the delay is only to bring the very best experience we can to an ever-growing audience. We will have a teaser video for the new engine very soon, along with lots more goodies between now and then. IN the meantime, enjoy the forums, spread the word to your friends, and most of all — Linger on, Survivors!

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