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Build 10 – Steam Release Date

Hello Survivors!
We are screaming down the tracks towards Build 10 as it steams onto… Uh, well… Steam! Watch the short teaser video below, where we announce the release date, the new engine, and, of course, Steam!

We’ve answered some frequently-tweeted-questions about our upcoming Steam release. Check ‘em out!

I’m just now hearing about this game. What is it?
The Dead Linger is the definitive zombie apocalypse survival, in every sense of the word. It has multiplayer, free-form baricading, and, eventually, just about everything you’ve dreamed of in apocalyptic simulation, with a MAJOR focus on classic Romero-style zombies as the core enemy. You can check out our Development Roadmap to view the features we have planned, and see where we’ve gone thus far. You can also view our Info page for a brief run-down on the game itself.

When is TDL releasing on Steam?
If all goes to plan, The Dead Linger will be releasing for PC (Windows) users on Steam, September 27th, 2013. If you plan to purchase the game once it’s on Steam, you will find it under the Early Access section.

What engine is the game running on in Build 10 and onward?
Like the weight of the sky upon the shoulders of Atlas, we are proud, relieved, and happy to announce that we are using the Unity 3D engine. It’s incredible how no one guessed that!

I already bought the game. How do I get a code for my Steam copy?
We will be sending out Steam codes to your email address tied to your Sandswept.net account. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages in the coming days, as we’ll announce when the codes are being sent. We are planning to send the codes prior To ensure that the code does not get stuck in your Spam folder, add noreply@sandsweptstudios.com to your address book.

How much will The Dead Linger cost once it releases on Steam?
We will be using the same pricing as it is now. We will also be changing the price come Beta, so be sure to pick the game up during Alpha for the discount! The pricing is as follows:*
United States: $19.99
Great Britain: £14.99
Europe: €18.99

*Some regions subject to change, not all region pricing shown

Will The Dead Linger have a 4-pack purchase option on Steam, and if so, what will be the price?
Yes, we are planning to include a 4-pack option. Here are the current prices for the 4-pack:*
United States: $44.99
Great Britain: £29.99
Europe: €41.99

*Some regions subject to change, not all region pricing shown. Alpha discount still applies.

What is Early Access?
Early Access is Valve’s new way of allowing Alpha and Beta games onto the Steam platform while they’re in development, allowing developers and fans to easier interact and discuss the game as it’s developed. We’re very excited to take part in this program, and we can’t thank Valve enough!

Will The Dead Linger be using Steam features, such as Join Game, Friends List, Achievements, Workshop, and more?
Yes! However, these features will not be active on the initial Build 10 release. We do have plans for user-submitted weapons and items via Steam Workshop, fun challenges and rewards through Steam Achievements, join-game-through-friendlist functionality, Steam trading cards, and a whole lot more! These will be introduced a bit later down the line. Stay tuned for more news on these features!

Will Dedicated Server be shipping with the Steam version?
As it is planned, yes. If we do not have time, dedicated servers will come in a hotfix shortly after release, and we are planning to have some great new server customization/administration features for you as well.

Will there be bugs?
Yes! Brand new ones, in fact! While we have vanquished many of the huge issues that plagued the code of 009c, Build 10 will have its own share of hiccups, missing bits, and other naughtiness that our expert team of bug-hunters will be destroying in a series of predicted hotfixes after Build 10 releases on Steam. We hope you all understand the true nature of Alpha, and we invite you all to enjoy the old-but-new experience running on the brand new engine.

Okay! So if I find a bug, what do I do?
Tell us! But don’t just tell us anywhere, tell us here!

Did Zag really do that one thing that one time and it was awesome?
Yes, definitely.

That’s all for now! We’ll recap most of this come Build 10 release, alongside a very comprehensive and well-written dev vlog. Welcome to the Apocalypse, both old and new. See you on 27th.

Linger on, Survivors!

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