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Pre-Orders: Get Your Steam Codes Here!

Hello Survivors!
We assume you’ve heard the news regarding The Dead Linger’s (Alpha) September 27th Early Access release on Steam! If you haven’t, check out our blog post and video!

If you’ve pre-ordered or otherwise owned The Dead Linger before our Steam release, you are eligible for a free copy of the game on the Steam platform. We want to give these codes out in advance so you’re ready to go when the game is live on the 27th. Read on for instructions on how to get your code!

There are three groups of people this blog post does not apply to just yet;
a) If you pre-ordered the game very recently (~24 hours) you may not have a code available yet. We will be adding your new purchase to the database soon. Check back periodically!
b) If you do not own The Dead Linger, there is no Steam code available for you. You can still pre-order it through this page, or wait for the release and buy it through Steam on the 27th.
c) If you already have a unique Steam code from us, such as our dev team or other internal testers, you can just ignore this entirely.

1) Log in to Sandswept.net, via the forum log in. This is the same log in as your game account.
2) Once you are logged in, go to THE STEAM CODE PAGE and your Steam code will be provided for you. Voila! [If it says you don't have a code when you already own the game, email us and let us know!]
3) You will require a Steam account to redeem and play The Dead Linger Alpha – Build 10 and onwards.
4) You first must download the Steam client and run it. Log in with your Steam account.
5) Along the top of the Steam client, click “Games” then click “Activate A Product On Steam…”
6) In the Product Activation window click “Next”
7) Click “I Agree”
8) Put your code in the Product Code field – either by copying and pasting, or entering it by hand.
9) You should be shown a section that says “Activation Successful!” at the top. Click “Next”
10) You will be shown a section with the amount of disk space TDL will take to install. Verify that you have enough disk space, then click “Next.”
11) The Dead Linger is now in your Steam library! It will unlock for download and play on the 27th. The game will not be playable until the official release on the 27th.

All future updates will be downloaded via Steam.

Thanks for your patience as we work towards our Steam release, and we look forward to seeing you on the 27th!

The Dead Linger Steam Store Page

Linger on, Survivors!

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