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Hotfix 10i – The Glorious Gun Update

Hello Survivors!
Hotfix 10i is (A)LIVE! If you do not get it automatically, we’d recommend restarting your Steam client (or verifying game cache) to receive this update. This update will be somewhat on the larger side as it also adds some preparatory content for the next large build.

Hotfix 10i fixes a ton of issues with guns, weapon-holding, animations, and a whole lot more! Patch notes below!

Patch Notes for Hotfix 10i

“The Glorious Gun Update”

- You will need to create a fresh, new world when you play this update.
- If you are experiencing framerate issues, it may help to turn your Tree Billboard Distance down in the Advanced Graphics Settings menu.

- Due to some issues with earning the achievement, the TDL Anniversary achievement deadline has been extended to December 13th. Play The Dead Linger before that date in order to get this achievement! If you miss it, you’ll have to wait and get it next year.

General Changes:
- Guns are working again! We’ve taken this opportunity to get the firearms and reloading system working and more clear to the survivor — better than they ever have in the past!
- Right Mouse Button (default) will now enter iron sights or scope mode on firearms.
- Most weapons now have reload animations and accompanying sounds.
- Most weapons now have sprint animations.
- Reloading from the backpack will begin to refill magazines.
- Reloading with a full set of empty magazines will begin to refill magazines.
- You can not refill magazines while sprinting or doing other actions, so if you want to fill up your guns, you need to allow the refill process to complete.
- Magazine and round-count inside the magazine are now shown next to the equipped weapon slot of a firearm in the backpack inventory. The current magazine loaded into the weapon is highlighted.
- “Out of Ammo” message will appear in the chat box if you try to reload and don’t have the appropriate ammunition type in your inventory.
- Rifles can now sometimes be found alongside a box of their corresponding ammo type.
- Guns and ammo boxes will retain their ammunition when dropped and picked up again by the same survivor.
- Guns will retain their ammunition between play sessions and is saved properly alongside the inventory of a survivor.
- Some items, such as ammunition, can now be stacked. The number of items in a is displayed with a red number on the bottom right of the item in the inventory.
- Ammunition now has multiple rounds per box when picked up.
- Zooming in with a scoped rifle now instantly enters the scope.
- Guns now have recoil when fired. More powerful guns generally have more recoil.
- You can press (default key) Right ALT to toggle between scope and “ironsights” on a scoped weapon. (Vegas Rifle, Uinta Rifle)
- When hip-firing, guns will now vary wildly and be fairly inaccurate. It is recommended that you use the ironsights/scopes whenever possible.
- Lowered minimum threshhold for mouse movement, yielding in smoother and more accurate aiming.
- Guns such as the Vintovka Mosina and the Vegas Rifle will now require an (automatic) bolt-action between shots.
- Fixed huge issues with weapons being held in the hands. No more floating weapons, in almost all cases!
- Fixed a bug where host survivor would not receive a chat message when someone leaves the world.
- Fixed a bug where survivors could not pick up items after auto-equipping a backpack until they opened their inventory.
- Hunger now takes 40 minutes to starve, down from 50.
- Removed crunchy door-hit sound effects in favor of thuddier ones.
- The death sequence has been improved some. The survivor now falls down when dying.
- Removed some of the silly placeholder text on the death screen.
- Put in at least one fix for an issue where zombies would attack the survivor from far out of reach.
- Potential fix for ‘phantom’ items visually appearing in your hands when you didn’t actually have them equipped, often leftover from a previous world.
- Zombies will now be interrupted properly when hit and knocked back by melee weapons.
- Zombies now deal damage later on in their attack animations, instead of immediately.
- Zombie melee range shortened to 150, down from 170.
- Fixed a bug where zombies could be killed by bodily injuries. Zombies can now only be killed by headshots. Remember; the only true dead is a headless zed!
- Survivors can now receive headshot damage as well.
- Melee attacks from survivors now hit their targets damage later in their swing animations, instead of immediately.
- Survivors now make a hurt noise when injured by melee attacks, gunshots, and zombie attacks.
- The ‘swoosh’ sound no longer plays every time you click with a melee weapon, and should now only play when the swing actually takes place.
- Item names in the inventory tooltips now use a more readable font.
- Backpacks now display their size below the name of the backpack. (Small, Medium, Large)
- Backpack removal message is cleaner and can appear only once every 10 seconds.
- Fixed a sprinting stamina exploit that involved opening chat while sprinting.
- The world list is now sorted by last played/created.
- Better interpolation between animations, in general.
- Some of the larger weapons have received a movement speed penalty when equipped.
- The Sledgehammer now has -2 Movement Speed.
- The Vegas Rifle now has -2 Movement Speed.
- The Fireaxe now has -2 Movement Speed.
- The Cinderblock now has -3 Movement Speed.
- The Alpine Shotgun now has -1 Movement Speed.
- The Farmington Double Shotgun now has -1 Movement Speed.
- The SKS Rifle now has -1 Movement Speed.
- The Vintovka Mosina Rifle now has -2 Movement Speed.
- Weather sound effects are now properly connected to the Ambient Volume slider in the Audio Settings menu.
- Survivors can no longer be infected from a bite unless they have at least 20% Infection Risk. Keep clean!
- Trees and grass will now appear closer around a cabin.
- Haybales now generate more spread out, so there will be less projectile haybales when nearing a farm.
- Fixed an issue where nailable objects could be picked up by other survivors in multiplayer.
- The initial Unity configuration window now has new artwork and the new TDL logo.
- We have converted the entire game over to the latest version of Unity (4.3) which has yielded in more efficent terrain rendering, object culling, and more!
- Made game less shitty.

- Survivors can no longer hurt one another. (This will return in the future.)
- Ammo in boxes and guns do not keep correct ammo count when trading between survivors in multiplayer.
- Animations will sometimes loop or get ‘stuck,’ but much more rarely than they did prior to 10i.
- Swapping weapons directly will cause the weapon to not equip properly. Until we fix this (soon) you just have to re-equip the weapon again to make it equip properly.
- Creating and joining worlds without closing TDL.exe can cause things to get a little crazy. We currently recommend rebooting the game between sessions.
- Throwing objects doesn’t always work yet. We will fix this soon.
- Dragging doesn’t work just yet. We will fix this soon.
- Host survivors may experience some mild framerate stuttering when new survivors are joining their game. We will be improving this as we progress.
- Some survivors experience black screen with hands and nothing else. We have added a fix for this, but if you still experience this issue, run in Fullscreen instead of Windowed Mode. You can also try moving the window frame, which may correct the issue as well. We will be looking at a more permanent fix for this issue.
- Zombies are sometimes still appear in different positions for different players in multiplayer games. We will be improving this.
- Sometimes the Settings menus get overlapped or otherwise crazy. Just press the ESC key or “Done” button to get the screen back to normal.
- There is a bug where you will sometimes plummet to the ground very quickly when dropping from a ledge. Holding Left CTRL right before impact will mitigate some fall damage. Watch your step!
- You can sometimes have a phantom weapon or duplicate weapon in your hands when joining or rejoining a world.
- The game and framerate will sometimes stutter for a short duration, especially when coming up on a town or new area. Your PC is most likely fine. It’s not you, it’s us.
- Sometimes buildings will forget to spawn. Sometimes loot inside buildings will forget to spawn. The buildings want you to know they’re sorry. If you experience this issue, curse loudly at the aformentioned buildings and then start a fresh, new world, or continue onward to a new area.
- Lots of other very obvious issues that we’re going to be working on. (Welcome to Alpha!)

As usual, please report bugs on our Support & Bug Reporting forum.

We are happy to announce that we’re officially out of “The Big Engine Change” and moving into our 2-week build cycle! Prepare yourselves for Build 11 — The Hunting Update! Get ready for a wild end to 2013 as we roll out 2 more large content builds before 2014 hits!

Linger on, Survivors!

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