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Hotfix13a – Blue Sky and Duplication Fixes

Hello, Survivors!

A couple breakthroughs today with Hotfix 13a, a brand new patch for The Dead Linger! If your game does not update automatically, we recommend verifying your game cache or restarting your Steam client.

Patch Notes for Hotfix 13a – “Blue Sky and Duplication Fixes”

  • New sky system added, simple but better! Some features may be missing from old sky, but performance has improved.
  • The moon is gone for a short while with the new sky.
  • Blue sky/black screen issue likely fixed with the addition of the new sky system.
  • Graphics settings are persistent between sessions now.
  • Fixed a ton of instances where duplicate objects may spawn in the world.
  • Fixed a duplication issue where rocks were spawning twice in rocky lands.
  • Small performance increase due to less (or no) duplicate objects spawning.
  • Cylinder-shaped hay bales should no longer be flying in the air, which was caused by the duplication glitch.
  • Hunting bow position in first person hands is fixed.
  • Crossbow string showing up when zoomed in on the crossbow has been fixed.
  • J-mac position in first person hands is fixed.
  • Survivors can now see their weapons properly in multiplayer.
  • Punch and kick ranges have been fixed.
  • “Gameplay” settings menu has been added!
  • Disable Pickup Messages – This turns off the messages that display every time you pick up an object.
  • Disable Status Messages – This turns off the messages that display when you get hungry, or your weapon decreases in durability.
  • Console commands “options” and “settings” now bring up the settings menu.
  • The timerate console command is now in minutes, with 1 minute being the lowest value. For example: “timerate 1 1″ is 1 minute day, 1 minute night.
  • Resolution dropdown menu now shows the current resolution by default.
  • Door creak sound effect is now linked to the ‘Sound Effects’ slider.
  • Backpack opening sound effect is now linked to ‘Sound Effects’ slider.
  • Massive holes in the terrain should no longer be present.
  • Fixed issue where you sometimes may end up tilted when sitting on a bicycle.
  • Fixed issue where houses were disappearing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a substantial shader error causing very low framerates in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Refresh World’ screen might be upside down.
  • Fixed a few visual issues with the status bar icons in the inventory as well as backpack visual elements.
  • Fall damage values have been doubled. You now take twice as much damage from a fall.
  • If a survivor is on a water tower ladder and quits the game, joining a new world does not carry over their previous climbing state.
  • Horde aggro has been reduced from 85% to 70%, so they are more alert!

Please be sure to report issues encountered to the Support & Bugs forum to help us improve the experience.

We’re going to be bringing you screenshots (and maybe some awesome videos) all throughout Build 14′s development! Stay tuned to our twitter for more on that!

Linger on, Survivors!

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