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B15-UE4 Opt-In Survival Guide

Hello Survivors!
The UE4 build is available to test and play. Are you prepared? Watch this video to ensure you are!


1) Go to your Steam library.

2) Go to The Dead Linger

3) Right click, to go Properties.

4) Click on the Betas tab.

5) Go to the dropdown and select “ue4optinbuild”

6) It should begin downloading!

You must, of course, own the game on Steam, and bear in mind this is basically the alpha of our UE4 version of our alpha game. We’ll be deploying updates quite frequently!

- There is a bit of ‘debug’ print text on the screen. If you see weird text going by, just ignore it. We’ll remove it soon.
- Inventory currently works by clicking and dragging items. B and I open and close the backpack inventory.
- Pick up items with middle click or C.
- Turn on the flashlight by pressing V. Flashlight has a recharging battery.
- Interact with doors by holding middle click or C, and dragging your mouse in the desired direction.
- Infrequent but known issue with doors not opening immediately when you drag your mouse.
- Graphics options are limited and/or not working. We’ll be getting to those soon.
- Player’s camera height is a bit odd in some cases. (i.e. first person hands look too high.)
- There are various known issues with the inventory, including disappearing items and items overlapping one another in your survivor’s hands.
- Some ammo boxes might be really big. It is most likely due to an error when importing. Easy fix, we just have to get to it.
- Ladders are simple, but work. W is up, S is down, and space bar detaches you from the ladder. Be careful!
- Crouching currently does not crouch visually, but your character does get smaller and can pass through smaller areas. Left CTRL to crouch.
- Free Look works but has some issues with clipping. Left ALT to free look.
- AltTabbing make cause Free Look to become stuck. Just press Left ALT again to fix.
- Some items are soup cans or don’t look quite right, either in the world or when equipped. We have a list, but definitely report these as well. (On second thought; report everything that seems off. We’ll sort through it!)
- Multiplayer is kind of a black hole right now. It should work, but there might be issues with it.
- There is only 1 spawn point in the opt in area, so your initial spawn-in might be crowded if there are multiple survivors.
- Servers are kind of a loose concept right now. We’ll add more server options later, and there is no inherent limit to players on a server. (Again; black hole.) Multiplayer is very important to us and we’ll be working on ensuring it’s all properly hooked up soon enough. We recommend solo mode, but we won’t stop you from trying some multiplayer.
- Zombies sometimes stop tracking you or don’t follow you when they should. We have lots of tweaking to do on the AI.
- Guns are generally finnicky. Just press R to reload for now.
- Known issue hitting zombies at long range with guns.
- You are opting in to an early version of the UE4 build that is not very polished.
- Bugs are great and all, but we’d also would like to hear what people enjoy. If we’re doing something right, feel free to let us know. It helps us confirm our decisions and direction.
- Player names do not show up.
- Player names are probably your Steam ID. If you see other instances of this not being the case let us know.

How to Let Us Know
Post general feedback here: http://www.sandswept.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=24
Post bugs here: http://www.sandswept.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=25

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