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Opt-in Update 2

Hello Survivors!

If you have chosen to opt-in to B15-UE4, you should receive the latest update. Restart Steam to acquire the update if it does not download automatically. If you need information on how to opt-in, check out the Opt-In Survival Guide!

Opt In Update 2 Patch Notes:
- Due to large patch sizes, we have implemented a change to the way the files are structured. This change will basically force a re-download of the current opt-in, so this specific patch will be large (about 2.4 GB.) After that, future updates will be quite a bit smaller.
- Clothing and gear now show up on the survivor when equipped. There may be bugs with specific items. Please report any that you find.
- The inventory now supports 4:3 resolution much better than before, and is all around, more compact.
- Added a “Drop Item Here” area in the inventory to show you where and how to drop your items onto the ground.
- Items in inventory now retain their inventory grid-size when being dragged for much more accurate placement.
- Items now show their proper name when being picked up. (Known issue: Sometimes names don’t appear. We know the cause and it will be fixed.)
- Pepper Valley now has some basic clouds in the sky. We will vastly improve the sky visuals when the day-night cycle is implemented.
- Some additional buildings and rooms have had things added to them. This is some small prepatory work for larger scale additions to the world. We now have someone whose sole job is adding stuff to Pepper Valley.
- Interiors are now much, much darker, thanks to some new AO stuff we’ve turned on, alongside various other graphical shader improvements. If something does not have a graphics option yet, it almost certainly will. Any graphics options that are currently grayed out or appear to have no affect will also be implemented in the not-so-distant future. Many of the important ones are ready and waiting for you! Remember; press V to toggle your flashlight.
- Fixed some bugs with graphics settings not reliably working every time, or not properly saving their options.
- If you run into issues, the graphics options file can now be found in %APPDATA%/Local/tdl/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini. Some options on it are not available yet or are currently non-functional. If you mess anything up and need to reset your graphics to default, delete this file.
- Fixed up numerous multiplayer issues but many are still present. Multiplayer is still fairly broken – we know. It will be our main focus for Update 3 and 4.
- Fixed a bug where client survivors were not receiving a last known position in the world when joining.
- Fixed an issue where the host would receive a death screen when a client died. Death and respawn is now network friendly.
- Survivors can now access and change their Graphics and Audio settings in game via the in-game Escape Menu. (Press Esc or P)
- Doors have doorframes and generally fit better in doorways. Much of the doorframe art is placeholder. For example, a store won’t always have a wood trim doorframe. Easy to change later!
- Fixed one of the bugs with zombies resetting or twitching in their motion. Another issue is known to be present with a twitch while walking and will be corrected soon.
- Big re-factor of how Field of View (FOV) switching works. Mostly an internal change, but zooming and squinting should be much more reliable now. Zoom speeds may need some tweaking.
- Scoped rifles now properly use the scope FOV.
- Fixed some hand positions for certain guns, such as the Tundra Hawk and Mosin, which were previously floating at the survivor’s feet.
- Ironsights now use a constant FOV value, instead of subtracting from your default FOV.
- Basic recoil is in on all firearms.
- Rounds from guns now emit particle effects on impact, on all surfaces, survivors, and zombies. BlooOoOooOood! We will include gore settings later on.
- Adjusted Survivor collision capsule. It was a bit too tall.
- Fixed a bug where when Free Looking the mouse would overshoot the rotation of the head.
- Scoped guns now use their scope zoom level when aiming. (No scope visuals just yet.)
- Tons of items now look like the items they should look like. There should be a lot less untextured loot and you should see far less of those question mark boxes laying about. If you spot one, let us know!
- Fix for a bug where survivor’s would eat a food item and it would instead eat some other item in their inventory, including weapons. Yup… That was a thing.
- Fix for a bug where survivor’s would eat food and it wouldn’t disappear from the inventory.
- Small improvement to accuracy of the ‘zombie hand’ cursor used in menus and UI.
- Probably a few other small things we didn’t note.

Thanks to all the survivors who reported these issues. The majority of issues fixed in this patch were reported by the community. :)

Please continue to report issues in our bug report forum so we can track them and fix them.
Linger on, Survivors!

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