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Updates 3 & 4

Hello Survivors!

Sorry for the wait. Update 3 has been released! This is a rough cut, but we decided to throw it out there and let you guys enjoys it while we tidy up some more and get barricading in for the upcoming Update 4.

If you have chosen to opt-in to B15-UE4, you should receive the latest update. Restart Steam to acquire the update if it does not download automatically. If you need information on how to opt-in, check out the Opt-In Survival Guide!

*NEW* Update 4 Patch Notes:
- Barricading is in, in basic. Hold middle click (or C) to grab a 2×4 board. With a hammer equipped, click to nail it to a surface.
- Various fixes to the way inventory works with networking
- Potential fix for a footstep sound bug

Opt In Update 3 Patch Notes:

- Fixed issue where punch could damage a target multiple times
- Hitboxes and bullet raytraces now use dedicated physics channels, making them easier to adjust and control, as well as a bit better performance.
- Ladders have received multiple improvements. These are not final, but make using ladders much simpler and easier, as well as more understandable.
- Ladders now automatically pop the survivor onto them if they approach from the upper surface.
- Ladders now automatically pop the survivor off of them and onto the upper surface as they near the top of the ladder.
- Reminder: W goes up, S goes down, and Space Bar detaches the survivor from the ladder.
- There’s a random tip system in place now. It pops up on the top middle of the screen every once in awhile.
- Stamina has been tweaked and improved.
- Stamina has received some changes and bug fixes, resulting in it feeling all-around more dynamic and realistic.
- Stamina no longer drains when simply holding Shift. Now it only drains while actually sprinting.
- Stamina now regens much quicker when stationary, and much slower when walking.
- Reminder: You can still continue to sprint with no stamina, but you will move quite a bit slower than sprinting with stamina available.
- Corpse retrieval is back in and should be working mostly as intended. If you die, find your corpse — all your gear is on it!
- Fixed a bug where some survivors could loot the wrong corpse. Survivors can now only loot their own corpse.
- Fixed a bug where guns wouldn’t actually fire if the bullet wasn’t going to hit anything, i.e. aiming at the sky.

XP & Leveling:
- An XP and leveling system for your survivor has been added to the game. Currently does not persist between games as it is entirely just in the testing phase right now.
- Zombie and wildlife kills earn XP. XP is displayed in the bottom right, and below your Stat Organs in the backpack.
- Some zombies are worth more XP than others based on what they’re wearing.
- Level cap is 30 for the forseeable future.
- Leveling up currently does not grant any specific increases as of yet.

- Big under-the-hood refactor to how we handle hosting Internet and LAN games. To host a game, simply go to Multiplayer, select the tab for the type of server (LAN, Internet) that you want to host, and press Host button at the bottom of the server browser.
- Doors now work for everyone. Everyone can see and use doors properly.
- Clients now have their health display properly
- Clients now receive hit/pain effects properly
- Survivors can now properly deal damage to one another in multiplayer games. We will add a server option for this later, based on chosen game mode. (PvP, Coop, etc)
- Clients can now properly reload in multiplayer games.
- Clients can now see zombies die properly.
- Clients can now properly shoot weapons of all kinds and these will be reflected on the server.
- Fixed a bug where the wrong player would die when another dies.
- There are actually too many random fixes to list, but there’s not much benefit in putting them here. Stuff that didn’t work just works much better in MP now, across the board.

Menus and Settings:
- There is a brand new 3D main menu screen that moves around and has your character standing there and all sorts of stuff like that.
- Alpha disclaimer splash screen now has big buttons on it, because buttons are cool.
- Fixed a bug where the Alpha disclaimer splash screen required 2 clicks to access the main menu
- Refined the entire splash-screen-to-menu process. Mostly under the hood.
- There is now an FPS counter on the graphics settings screen.
- Some improvements to saving/loading your settings. May be a bug or two here still. We’ll get to it.
- Celsius option added to Gameplay Settings menu, for survivors who want to use that instead of Farenheit for temperatures.
- Rough implementation of a real and proper loading screen now exists. If you see some dots throbbing in the middle of the screen, that’d be it. We’ll put some custom art on it later.

- Zombies can now be shot in all of the correct hitboxes, including torso, arms, pelvis, and legs. Blood will be produced, but this has no effect on the overall health of the zombie. This does however add a good visual effect, as well as lay the groundwork for dismemberment.
- Zombies now have ragdoll on death. Still tweaking how this looks, but overall improves the look of death
- Zombie corpses will no longer turn into “far” zombie proxy models. They will stay dead as a ragdoll should.
- Zombies now have randomized clothing. Some clothing and gear now changes the way you have to deal with a zombie.
- Major improvements to zombies after death. Zombie corpses are much less CPU intensive. Zombies now use about half the computation they used to when pathing about.
- Zombies have loads of new animations, including multiple new walk styles and death animations.
- Found the root cause of that weird zombie twitch when walking. That is now fixed, for the most part.
- Fixed a bug where zombies sometimes did not stay dead after being killed. The correct kind of dead.
- Zombies can no longer come back to life after leaving the area and coming back
- Zombie corpses now go away after about 120 seconds. We will adjust this later, and we are still looking into various things regarding zombie corpses, such as infection risk, looting, and moving them about.
- Zombies are a little more dramatic and generally turn towards you before they go after you. They feel a bit more natural now.
- Fixed a bug where zombies were commonly getting hung up on corners.
- Fixed a bug where you could ‘kite’ zombies backwards and they would never hit you. They’re a bit more agressive now.
- Reminder: Zombies can only be damage by getting hit in the head. All other locations are ignored. Knockback is still dealt, but no damage is dealt, unless it’s the head.

- Huge improvements to inventory tooltips. Tons more information on items. Some items will say “0%”, the tooltip just isn’t hooked up for that specific attribute yet.
- Tooltips can now be found on items when you look at them in the world
- Option added to disable world tooltips entirely for more immersion, if that’s your thing (found under Gameplay Settings)
- Option to make world tooltips complex or simple (requires them to be enabled first!)
- Right click on items in the inventory to bring up a context menu for that specific item. You can drop items from here, or eat a food item.
- Item quality levels now properly display, but most items currently don’t randomize item quality just yet.
- Durability is in place for items, but it doesn’t go down just yet.
- Defense now properly reduces damage taken.
- Defense now shows up in the stat organs and is explained there. Read the tooltips!
- Many fixes to the way some items are held, including bug fixes on many items that weren’t being held properly
- Items can no longer be able to be stepped on by NPCs, Zombies, or the Survivor. You should walk right over them, but they should still have physics and be interactable. This makes navigation quite a bit less messy around piles of junk.
- Stat Organs have been generally improved.
- Stat organs are now black-themed instead of white-themed, more befitting of the theme of the other UI elements.
- Improved grungey look of the inventory and stats.
- About a dozen inventory items have received artwork and inventory icon artwork.
- Tons of items now have proper inventory grid size, inventory icons, and world meshes

- There is now a basic water volume in Kaizer Lake (the South, large lake), but you still can’t swim or drown just yet.
- A day-night cycle has been added. It is on a fairly fast cycle. 1 in-game day = about 1 hour. Night time will be darker in the future, along with more lighting improvements planned.
- Many buildings have been added around Pepper Valley’s south areas, but the majority of them are outside our containment zone for the time being. These buildings are placed on what we call a “Lot pass,” which simply dictates where we plan to put things. This means leveling of terrain is not present in these areas and the structures are not intended for actual gameplay yet.

- Some animations are still missing, such as reload animations, some idle, and some melee animations, or weapons use the wrong animation. Feel free to report specific cases where these are missing.
- Melee is a bit finnicky, and definitely will be getting some more love in the future.
- Multiplayer is still a bit rough. The best (or at least, more bugless) experience will still be found in solo mode. That said, MP is much better than it was in Update 2.
- Lots of other obvious stuff that Mathas can make at least 3 more videos worth of content with.
- There may be some issues saving and loading graphics and audio settings, as well as your survivor inventory. These will be addressed.

Thanks to all the survivors who reported these issues. The majority of issues fixed in this patch were reported by the community. :)

Please continue to report issues in our bug report forum so we can track them and fix them; http://www.sandswept.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=25

Linger on, Survivors!

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