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TDL Team

The Final Word

Hello Survivors, Geoff Keene here, project lead on The Dead Linger and CEO of Sandswept Studios. Richard Keene, co-founder and CTO, also signs his name to this as well. This is one of those blog posts that nobody wants to [...]

The Weekly Dead 60: Update 5 Released!

Welcome survivors to another edition of The (Insert unit of time) Dead! Past weekly deads were skipped because updates were close to release. Speaking of updates being released, we’ve released 2 updates in this past week! Update 4 Update 4 [...]

The Weekly Dead 59

Hello survivors! This week’s Weekly Dead is just a reminder since something big happened recently. Update 3 on Unreal Engine 3 days ago update 3 on the Unreal Engine version of The Dead Linger was released. You can read the [...]

Updates 3 & 4

Hello Survivors! Sorry for the wait. Update 3 has been released! This is a rough cut, but we decided to throw it out there and let you guys enjoys it while we tidy up some more and get barricading in [...]

The Weekly Dead 58

Hello survivors and welcome to another edition of The Weekly Dead! Where Were We? I’ll bet you are wondering, what happened last week. Well, Geoff was stranded without internet due to a recent move, as were a few others. The [...]