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The Weekly Dead 37

Hello survivors! Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Dead! More of a coding week, often shown in livestreams. (More on that later) Housing Development This week Chaoss has been working more on building construction. As you recall from a [...]

The Weekly Dead 36

Welcome survivors, to another edition of The Weekly Dead! Before we start let me remind everyone of the livestreams the team does every so often. Richard Keene’s twitch account Richard’s Past Broadcasts Geoff Keene’s twitch account Geoff’s Past Broadcasts Let’s [...]

The Weekly Dead 35

Hello survivors! Zag is streaming RIGHT NOW! Watch live video from SandsweptZag on www.twitch.tv This has been a week of guns, guns, and more guns, a veritable gun feast! Plus other stuff, but seriously, these guns. But first, a message [...]

The Weekly Dead 34

Hello Survivors! It’s time for another Weekly Dead! This week we’ve got some fun and interesting things to talk about. Something Unreal I’ll start with a bit of work that isn’t ours. A few days ago, the Unreal Engine devs [...]