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The Weekly Dead 46

Hello Survivors! Geoff is gone today so I have no oversight on what is posted here. I can post anything I want! The responsibility is crushing me. Let’s dive right in! Zombie Brains Richard as always has been hard at [...]

The Weekly Dead 45

Hello survivors! Howell is back! Geoff did not expect that I was a strong swimmer. Anyway, let’s get this started. The Buildings Over the past week Chaoss has been hard at work creating all sorts of structures to explore, heavily [...]

The Weekly Dead 44

Hello Survivors! Geoff here. I’m writing the weekly dead today as Howell is out (and totally bailed on me at the last minute and is SO fired) but hey, water under the bridge (that I’m going to throw him off [...]

The Weekly Dead 43

Hello survivors! Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Dead! Zombies The main focus this week has been the AI of the zombies. Richard and Geoff are hard at work on the movement and searching capabilities of the zombies, as [...]