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The Weekly Dead 53

Hello survivors and welcome to The Weekly Dead. This week we, ah you guys know how the Weekly Dead works, let’s just jump right in! Inventory Refactor Still on that huge inventory refactor we’ve been doing, reorganizing how items look [...]

The Weekly Dead 52

Hello survivors! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly Dead, where we explain what we have been doing all week. Update 3 Update 3 will focus on 3 main areas. 1:Multiplayer and fixing small issues. 2:Inventory and refactoring. 3:Loads [...]

The Weekly Dead 51

Welcome survivors to another edition of The Weekly Dead. Last week we didn’t write one because Update 2 for the opt-in was released and we thought that would explain pretty well what we were doing. Things need explaining this week. [...]

Opt-in Update 2

Hello Survivors! If you have chosen to opt-in to B15-UE4, you should receive the latest update. Restart Steam to acquire the update if it does not download automatically. If you need information on how to opt-in, check out the Opt-In [...]