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Blog Update

The Status of 15c

Hello Survivors! Geoff here, just touching base with you on where we’re at with Hotfix 15c. It’s no secret that it’s more of a cold fix at this point. (Wait, did we use this joke already?) Here’s a couple things [...]

Steam Workshop Now Available!

Steam Workshop Now Available!

Hello Survivors! We have opened up Steam Workshop support for The Dead Linger! Want to have a chance to have your survivor creations released as official content in The Dead Linger? That door has just been opened. Click the image [...]

Build 15 “New Blood” Sneak-Peek

Hey Survivors! Just a quick blog post to bring you Geoff’s Build 15 sneak peek stream! We’ve uploaded it to YouTube this time, so no need to panic! Big thanks to those who joined us in chat and kept us [...]

Halloween Treats

And a many hauntings to you, our dear, lingering Survivors! WARNING: This blog post contains images of amazing new game content coming to The Dead Linger, as well as information about some phenomenal new things. Be sure to absorb it [...]

E3 Recap & The Future

Hello Survivors! Geoff Keene here, otherwise known as Zag, and I (along with Dana and Jeff) have returned from E3 alive and … Well, not zombies! Sore feet, creaking voices, and the stumbling undead were abound by the end of [...]