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The Final Word

Hello Survivors, Geoff Keene here, project lead on The Dead Linger and CEO of Sandswept Studios. Richard Keene, co-founder and CTO, also signs his name to this as well. This is one of those blog posts that nobody wants to [...]

Found Footage

Crowd Control: PAX East & SLC Comic Con!

Sometimes we at Sandswept go outside into the big, scary world. When we do, we like to talk about it. Crowd Control is a blog series in which we announce where we’re going when we do go outside into the [...]

Build 11 & 2013 Post-Mortem Dev Vlog

Welcome to 2014, Survivors. Here’s a dev vlog to start off the new year the right way. There’s a lot of information revealed in this vlog. Enjoy thoroughly, as we know you will. Linger on, Survivors! Click here to comment!

Halloween Treats

And a many hauntings to you, our dear, lingering Survivors! WARNING: This blog post contains images of amazing new game content coming to The Dead Linger, as well as information about some phenomenal new things. Be sure to absorb it [...]