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Game Update

B15-UE4 Opt-In Survival Guide

Hello Survivors! The UE4 build is available to test and play. Are you prepared? Watch this video to ensure you are! HOW TO OPT IN: 1) Go to your Steam library. 2) Go to The Dead Linger 3) Right click, [...]

Build 16 Beta Plans

Hello Survivors! Geoff here. This is quick blog post to announce some upcoming plans; an idea we’ve been knocking around for a few days. But first, I’d like to make an apology to the survivors who are particularly bummed about [...]

Third Time’s The Charm

Hello Survivors! This is Geoff Keene, otherwise known as Zag, project lead of The Dead Linger. I’m here to talk about one of the most exciting things we’ve done all year. (Haha, get it?) … There is a lot of [...]

Build 15 – New Blood

Build 15 – New Blood

*NEW* UPDATE: Hotfix 15b is live! – Huge Performance Patch! UPDATE: Hotfix 15a is live! Hello Survivors! It’s time for a new build in this little town of Halloween. Many horrors, both undead and buggy await you. Build 15 is [...]

Hotfixes 14a/b/c – New World Refresh

Hey Survivors! Hotfix 14a is here! Say hello to the brand new World Refresh and tons of quality-of-life fixes in this new patch for The Dead Linger! If your game does not update automatically, we recommend verifying your game cache [...]