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Vlog Update

Minivlog 7 – FAQ – The Black Vlog

Hello Survivors! A round of important FAQ from our brave and fearless leader. And handsome leader. He may be the one writing this. Click here to comment!

Minivlog 6 – Early Multiplayer Demo

Hello Survivors! Here’s a new mini-vlog from Zag, showing off an early multiplayer demonstration and some other neat things! Linger on, Survivors! Click here to comment!

Minivlog 5 – Blueprint / Actor Painter for UE4

Hello Survivors! Here’s a minivlog to talk about a plugin we built to put trees into Pepper Valley! Lots of trees in this one. Linger on, Survivors! Click here to comment!

Build 15 – New Blood

Build 15 – New Blood

*NEW* UPDATE: Hotfix 15b is live! – Huge Performance Patch! UPDATE: Hotfix 15a is live! Hello Survivors! It’s time for a new build in this little town of Halloween. Many horrors, both undead and buggy await you. Build 15 is [...]

Build 13 – Quality of Life

Hello Survivors! A new, mega update has been released for The Dead Linger! Build 13 features a huge slew of new stuff, and a massive helping of Quality of Life improvements across every facet of the game! We’ve added dedicated [...]