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Current Build Version: 15 – New Blood!

Reasons to Pre-Order:

  • Access to Windows version of the game! (Mac and Linux coming later)
  • Receive any and all future updates at no additional cost!
  • Receive the game at a super discounted price! You’ll never have to pay full price, especially for a title of this size!
  • Pre-order sales directly support development of The Dead Linger!
  • Interact with the developers, our outstanding community, and help suggest new features and give feedback on the direction of the game!
  • You will receive our undying love and gratitude!
  • There will definitely be future bonuses for long-term players and early-adopters.

As requested by the community, here’s our major long-term goals:

Track progress with our Development Roadmap!


Stage 1: Alpha (Current)

  • The core game mechanics in place, to at least a rough level, from head to toe!
  • Lots of fun features and “stuff to do” updates, such as campfires, scavenging, barricading, and more!
  • Items for every single character equip slot.
  • More flashlight types, batteries, duct tape, and more!
  • Basic crafting system
  • Improved zombie AI and pathing, better zombie appearance
  • As with every stage, lots and lots of new buildings and regions!
  • Limited customization on the player (hair, face, eyes) and more, including female character models.
  • Basic start of hostile and friendly NPC survivors.
  • Basic weather systems that drastically change gameplay and zombie behavior!
  • Item delivery system for special (non-pay-to-win) items, for KS backers, early pre-order bonus, and more!
  • Discounted price of $19.99 USD!

Stage 2: Beta

  • Everything from Alpha, but even better!
  • Vehicles! Cars, trucks, boats, and aircraft of all shapes and sizes!
  • Greatly improved zombie AI and pathing
  • Greatly improved crafting system!
  • Greatly improved day-night cycle, and weather systems!
  • Greatly improved character customization, including all clothing showing on the player, and facial/hair/body customization! This includes greater variety in zombies!
  • Even more enemies, and not just NPC survivors! The horrors you will find have hardly begun.
  • Friendly NPCs
  • As with every stage, lots and lots of new buildings and regions to explore!
  • Discounted price of $24.99 USD!

Stage 3: Release

  • Everything from Alpha and Beta, but even better!
  • DRM-Free version will be available on Release.
  • Official and supported Mac and Linux versions of the game!
  • As with every stage, lots and lots of new buildings, regions, and more!
  • Post-Release bi-weekly patches that add new features and places to go!
  • Official modding support with tools so players can modify a little, or do total-conversion mods with our game!
  • The updates won’t end with Release. There’s always more we’ll be adding to the world and gameplay!
  • Final release price of $29.99 USD! A lot of bang for your buck!

Pre-Order today!