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NOTICE: It pains us to announce that development of The Dead Linger has been postponed indefinitely. There are no plans to finish or continue development on The Dead Linger for the foreseeable future. Please check the blog for further information. The website will be preserved “as is.” As of right now, the game is entirely shelved and will not continue development. If this ever changes, we will update our blog, as well as this page. Thank you for your support and understanding. Keep an eye on the Sandswept twitter to stay up to date on where we’re headed.

Would you like to buy us a pizza?

We at Sandswept sometimes work late, late nights, and our tummies get the grumblies. If you’ve already bought The Dead Linger, or simply want to help us out in our future stuff, you can donate $10 that goes directly into development. Be sure you understand that this donation comes with no expectations and no strings attached (except putting food on the table for our team members as we develop video games.) You may donate as many times as you wish. Keep in mind this is not a purchase of any product, it is a generous donation to Sandswept Studios. There are no refunds for these donations.

Click the button below if you wish to donate $10 to our studio.