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Steam Workshop Now Available!

Hello Survivors!
We have opened up Steam Workshop support for The Dead Linger!

Want to have a chance to have your survivor creations released as official content in The Dead Linger? That door has just been opened.

Click the image link below for more information on how to get started!

Be sure to watch our latest Design of the Dead, included in the workshop page!

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What is Steam Workshop?

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The Weekly Dead 25

Hello Survivors!

This will be a short and sweet little blog on what’s happening this week. Not too much has changed externally since our last Weekly Dead. Richard is still hacking away at the Dedicated Server code and it’s getting real close. We want this thing running smoothly, and it’s just about there! The artists are currently working on content for Build 16 and beyond. I wish I could talk about some of the artwork, but that may spoil some lore things we want to keep under wraps till it’s ready! Just because we’re in Early Access doesn’t mean we want to spoil all the storyline for you in advance!

I had the chance to check out Dec’s Steam Uploader Tool this week and it super easy to use! We’ll be releasing that as soon as Steam gives us the signal for the TDL Workshop, hopefully this coming week. We look forward to showing you Survivors our latest Design of the Dead explaining everything you need to know about it!

PAX South

Will you be attending PAX South? How about East? Let us know! I even wrote up a tiny survival guide for first time convention crawlers.

I’ll be letting our lovely Bug Sniper lady Kate take it away from here!

Bug of The Week

This week’s bug isn’t very new at all, but it is a dear one many of you love. If you aren’t already familiar with Mattress Surfing (aka Magic Carpet Ride), then I’d definitely recommend checking out the following screenshots and videos!

From YouTuber AdvScienceIndustries:

Survivor Guahos shared a clip by TheChipmunkZombie:

Survivor Darknesskills shared this silly screenshot:

Now, last but not least, Survivor MagFlare shared this amazing logo:

I’m so in! Who else wants to join the club?!

Discover a chuckle-worthy bug? Catch it on video or screenshot and submit them to the usual Support and Bug Reports forum and yours may be featured in next week’s blog post!

Linger on, Survivors!

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The Weekly Dead 24

Hello Survivors!

It almost felt like an eternity since our last Weekly Dead. Almost like sitting in a queue for a certain game…*ahem* So, let’s jump right into this week and catch you up to speed on things!

Hotfix 15c

Hotfix 15c is underway to correct some remaining issues and will include a massive Dedicated Server update to get dedicated server software that actually works properly the way you need it to run reliable servers. It also gives us a great opportunity to clean up our netcode a bit and streamline that whole system. We’re switching over to Steam’s networking which will greatly improve how players host and join servers, and more reliably tunnel through the various tubes of the internet to join each other’s games. And here it is so far!

Okay, it’s not that exciting to look at, but there it is. The Dead Linger’s dedicated server running completely independently (without the game installed.) Pretty awesome, right?

Build 16

Artists are already well into finalizing 16 and 17 content, so Build 16 is simply awaiting the end of Build 15′s various hotfixes to begin full code development. Bear in mind that Build 15 is laying down some of the core foundation needed for faster build cycles, so these hotfixes are a necessity. Currently and with the latest updates we have been overhauling a ton of major systems that include loot spawns, zombie performance, zone templates, and a whole lot more.

Roadmap Recap

Our Development Roadmap has undergone a HUGE, and I mean ENORMOUS overhaul. (We’ve basically given you all of TDL’s current and future plans all in one place!) You guys wanted transparency, so there it is! There’s also tacos. Not transparent tacos, but tacos nevertheless. There’s some great discussions going on at the forums regarding various aspects of the roadmap already. Take a peek yourself to see the new roadmap and accompanying Design of the Dead video. Have at it!


Art Stuff

In an effort to push ahead the concept of survivor’s having stable and self-sustained bases in the game, Parker has been tossing around some concepts for The Dead Linger’s farming system. We’re planning out how it will look and how you’ll plant seeds into the fertile earth.

Jeff seriously surprised us last meeting with the progress on the HM Typical. It’s just about done in every way, and almost ready to toss into the game, after a bunch of accompanying code work, that is. This ordinarily extraordinary vehicle is planned for Build 20 at this time. Check this baby out:

Chaoss has been working on two very cool things. First off, the new terrain is coming along great, which will provide a massive increase in performance, use proper LOD methods that the current one doesn’t use, and it will allow us to paint the terrain in a much more realistic fashion – a feature we’ll be adding to Watertower so that you can paint your own dirt paths and such.

The new terrain also features 1 meter resolution, which is way higher resolution than the previous (current) terrain supports. This means we can do way more detailed things with it, and no more crazy jagged angles on the terrain. Here’s a picture where Chaoss wrote his name in the terrain to show you exactly how detailed it can be.

Chaoss is also working on the new suburban homes. We’re re-creating the Middle Class Suburban Home with 1, 2, and 3-story to better match the current art, quality, and performance. The new houses are also built with modular layouts in mind. This house you see in the picture below can result in about 10,000 different permutations, and that’s not even including color. Oh, and house colors will be returning! You can expect these new houses around Build 16.

Chaoss also spent some time getting the textures ready for all of the houses to use. With this system, we can recolor the walls and wood trim paneling different colors however we please. This means no house is the same as the other, both in appearance and layout.

Some painted drywall with fancy lights on it.

Bug of the Week

Now I get to hand the keyboard over to Kate, our bug sniper!

Welcome to the debut of the Dead Bug of the Week! We’ve decided to start up a weekly issue of the most hilarious (and sometimes ridiculous) bug to add a bit of humor into the development process!

Our first bug comes from Aether245 and FallnMastr; two survivors who discovered that running into each other would launch one or both into the air. They have lovingly named it the Rocket Man Glitch, and they provided a couple hilarious clips.

Aether245′s Clip
FallnMastr’s Clip

Discover a chuckle-worthy bug? Catch it on video or screenshot and submit them to the usual Support and Bug Reports forum and yours may be featured in next week’s blog post!

PAX South

We’re doing that thing where we go outside again! This time you’ll be able to find Geoff, Kate, and myself at PAX South this coming January! You better come find us and say hello, we may just have some neat pins for you.

That’s everything this week.

Linger on, Survivors!

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Design Of The Dead: New Roadmap

Hello Survivors!

We’re bringing you a very special Design of the Dead today! We couldn’t wait till Friday, so here it is: The new development roadmap in its entirety!


Linger on, Survivors!

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Hotfix 15b – Huge Performance Patch

Hey Survivors!

Please welcome Hotfix 15b! We took another pass at improving performance by updating a bunch of LODs and now the world will load in a much smarter fashion while the survivor is traveling about! We also made some quality of life changes; campfire and cooking improvements, greatly increased zombie density, and a ton of other bug fixes!

If your game does not update automatically, we recommend verifying your game cache or restarting your Steam client.

Patch Notes for Hotfix 15b – Huge Performance Patch

Performance Changes and Details: 

  • Sweeping changes to our dynamic world LOD (iLOD) system yielding in a 50% or greater increase in framerate. You should now be getting substantially better framerate in all circumstances.
  • Made a minor grass performance improvement fix.
  • Added an additional tier of LOD to our system.
  • The iLOD for smaller office props was greatly reduced and tightened up. Should fix both performance in office buildings and prevent monitors from appearing under desks instead of on them.
  • Tweaked the LOD for the water tower making it appear higher detailed from farther away.
  • Object LODs now dissolve/fade in, so there’s a LOT less popping, especially inside buildings.
  • The office buildings now have LOD models so the game is no longer trying to render full detail office architecture from a distance.
  • Fixed an issue where cut down trees would still show their LOD when you move away from the area.

Zombie Changes and Details:

  • Slightly increased the chance for Strays to spawn.
  • Changed the pack-spawning amounts for Strays to 1-2 down from 1-3.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the general population of zombies to be quite low in all zones. The hordes have returned!
  • Made improvements to the convenience store navigation mesh.
  • Navigation mesh added to parking lots to help zombie pathing around Leland’s and office buildings.
  • If a zombie is on terrain but vertically clipping another navigation mesh but not using it, they should be moved on to that navigation mesh. This should fix 99% of issues with zombies clipping through floors and ignoring navigation meshes.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause zombies to float after a world refresh until they were active.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were not using their correct walk speed when ‘idle wandering’.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies would sometimes turn to the side or turn around entirely when you ran towards them. This was due to a bug in the anticipation system for zombies.

Campfire Changes and Details:

  • There are now three different types of campfires; small, medium, and large.
  • Fixed an issue where the small campfire was using the large campfire mesh. All campfires now use the correct art.
  • Changed the “No Matches” message to say “You require matches to light a fire.”
  • Campfires are no longer over saturated and too bright.
  • All campfires now have a proper inventory icon for the crafting result screen.
  • Fires now die out over time.
  • When standing near (within 2.5 meters radius of) a campfire of any sort, the player can go into their inventory and right click on a log. The radial menu will come up with a new option “Add to Fire” which will add another log to the burning woodpile, resetting the die-out time for the fire every time a log is added.
    Small Campfire: Provides light and allows for cooking. Created by crafting 3 Logs.
    Duration: 30 minutes (real-time)
    Cooking Speed: Slow
    Medium Campfire: Provides light and allows for cooking. Created by crafting 6 Logs.
    Duration: 1 hour (real-time)
    Cooking Speed: Fast
    Large Campfire: Provides light and allows for cooking. Created by crafting 10 Logs.
    Duration: 2 hours (real-time)
    Cooking Speed: Very Fast

Other Miscellaneous Changes and Details:

  • The in-game escape menu now has a new background!
  • Escape menu buttons have been changed to white.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing collision on certain steps in the prison guard tower.
  • Made it so that it was harder to fall off the prison guard tower stairs while ascending or descending.
  • Lots of redundant math from the tree bark shader has been removed.
  • Tree bark is now darker on the underside and is affected by the normal map, producing a really sweet effect.
  • Some tree billboards no longer look weird, especially the aspen.
  • Fixed an issue where there were no stairs to the roof in the office building.
  • Temporarily removed the audio of the Survivor’s footsteps. It will be returning with the new sound update in Build 16.
  • Fixed an issue that were causing impassible windows in the office buildings.
  • Added doors to the office roof module.
  • Added ceiling lights to all office building modules (instead of those funky pseudo skylights).
  • Fixed some lighting issues with the reception desk in office buildings.
  • Improved visibility of props on white/grey desks in office buildings.
  • Fixed the glowing bathroom stalls.
  • Re-added normal maps to desks, chairs, and props in office buildings.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Mastodon revolver to not have reload animations.
  • Fixed an issue with shields (both riot and ballistic) that was causing them to not have idle, sprint, or attack animations.
  • Fixed an issue causing the pumpkin and witch hats to float out in front of the survivor in third person mode. They now sit on your head properly. Happy Hat-oween!
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an alarm clock, a microwave, and Zed candy box to only be visible from about one meter out.
  • Fixed an issue that was making it so that you were not able to ride bikes found in garages.
  • Changed the FP arms commands to hidearms and showarms. Pretty much self explanatory.
  • Fixed a bug with the inventory icons for the rabbit meat bits.
  • If you open your backpack while holding (grabbing) an item, the item will now be dropped.
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor would sometimes disappear when opening the radial menu in the inventory.
  • Missing item icon is now a rag and says “Image Not Found”. Let us know if you see any of these missing icons.
  • Some items no longer glow in the dark.
  • Changed the “Infection” bar to now properly say “Infection Risk”.
  • Fixed an issue preventing belts to auto-equip.
  • Cleaned up the logos on the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where death/corpse markers and names over the heads of players now follow the FOV properly.

Please be sure to report issues encountered to the Support & Bugs Forum to help us improve the experience.
We’re now diving into the task of getting a really functional and awesome dedicated server available for you guys to use! We have that coming in hotfix (probably 15c) and have a couple more fixes we’d like to plug in before we begin work on Build 16 code. We also have some big announcements coming up next week involving a new roadmap and Steam Workshop. There will NOT be a Weekly Dead tomorrow as we are working on some very intensive stuff to get these announcements ready for you.

Until next time,

Linger on, Survivors!

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