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Build 10 – “The Big Engine Change”

Hello Survivors!
Build 10 is finally here! Below you can find all kinds of things, ranging from instructions to acquire the new update, to a fancy dev vlog, to known issues, to patch notes, to instructions on where to report bugs and issues you find in The Dead Linger alpha! Read on, read on – and watch the video! What are you waiting for?!

So, now you want to play, right? Follow the instructions below! You will either fall into categories A, B, or C.

A) If you already have a Steam version of The Dead Linger sitting in your Steam library, you’re all set. Just head to your Steam client, click on Library, and play The Dead Linger!

B) If you pre-ordered before Build 10, but never got a Steam key, please check this blog post and read it very thoroughly for instructions on how to unlock your Steam key.

C) If you have not bought The Dead Linger, you can now pick it up directly on Steam! Click here to go to the Steam store page!

I found a bug! What do I do?
If you find a bug or error, please report it on our Support & Bug Reporting forum. Please read the pinned topics (stickies) before you post, though!

Now, with all releases, even (especially?) releases on a new engine, we’ll have our share of bugs, crashes, faults, and other nasty shenanigans. Luckily for you, some of them we get to know about in advance and are on The List to get fixed. Those are listed below.


  • First and foremost, some things from 009c are MISSING. There are also brand new things you’ve never seen before! Rest assured, all features and polish from 009c WILL return over a short duration of time. We still have a big list of “stuff left to do” and we will be hotfixing them in, and rolling them into the big 011 update coming later on. (More on that later!)
  • IMPORTANT: Multiplayer is heavily untested as of this release. There may be lots of client-server sync issues. We can not promise anything in multiplayer will work exactly as intended, nor can we promise that multiplayer will function for a long duration of time. That said, you are welcome to try, and we’d love to hear your feedback, and please report all issues you find.
  • IMPORTANT: There are currently no dedicated servers. You will have to host a server on your client and others will be able to join that.
  • Many animations are not in place. If you’re holding a weapon funny, don’t sweat it. Report it, and we’ll make sure it gets fixed soon!
  • Some inventory items get squished. Please don’t make fun of them for it, they’re trying their best to be the correct shape.
  • Sometimes when traveling far, the game will decide to reject your egress like a scorned lover. Please be gentle to the game – she doesn’t mean it. She’s just going through some stuff right now.
  • The multiplayer chat box currently cuts off messages. Keep it short, people!
  • Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. If you are afraid of bugs, turn back now. You’ve been warned.
  • Zombies will sometimes just stop caring about you entirely. It’s not that they wouldn’t care if they could, it’s just that they’re zombies.
  • Zombies will sometimes do crazy acrobatics when trying to get through windows to eat your tasty flesh.
  • A lot of sound effects are missing right now. We didn’t have time to put them in. We don’t even have anything funny to say about this one.
  • Guns are a bit bipolar when it comes to operating. If you treat them right, they’ll be nice to you in return. And mean to zombies.
  • Ammunition boxes generally contain one round in them, or something. Again, guns and ammo are kind of strange right now.
  • There are no ironsights yet. You will simply zoom, without the visible ironsights. You can use the crosshair for now!
  • Sometimes the framerate just decides to stop rating frames, and instead does the opposite thing.
  • Sometimes when rejoining a world, there will be duplicate objects, such as doors. Or sometimes the terrain will appear where it really isn’t. Sometimes objects will float in the sky. Tree, come down. You are not a cloud, you are a tree.
  • Some stuff, in general, doesn’t feel quite like 009 yet. The survivor is a bit too tall, the camera bob is a bit too bobby, and the .. Well, you get the picture! Some things just aren’t the same, and that’s okay! We’re working on them, and they’ll be better than they’ve ever been before!
  • Sometimes when playing multiplayer, survivors will see different things from other survivors. This is normal – for Alpha, anyway.
  • ALL of these issues will be fixed sooner than later. Welcome to Alpha! Enjoy the ride, and don’t hesitate to leave bug reports and general feedback!


  • We said we wouldn’t have patch notes, but we decided that it’s just too good to pass up some of the good news! This list covers most of the new things we’ve added that weren’t present in 009c.
  • There is a new “drop” icon over items when they are eligible to be dropped from the inventory.
  • There is a brand new console! Press ~ and behold! There are many new features, such as copy/paste and using the arrow keys to scroll through previous commands. The FPS counter and your current world seed is also shown along the top of this window. We will add more commands and functionality to this window as time goes on.
  • There is a new console command for server hosts. It is called timerate. It works as such: “timerate ” For example, you would type “timerate 60 60″ and press enter. This will make 60 second days and 60 second nights. (That is the minimum seconds allowed as well.)
  • There are now blinds on windows, and houses have taller windows.
  • Improved day-night cycle and lighting
  • New status bars in the inventory (hunger, infection risk, etc.) They look a bit crazy, but we’ll fix that up in a bit.
  • Voronoi regions are now 512 meters (on average), down from 1024 meters.
  • The sun now produces sun shafts.
  • Steep cliffs now have a cool rocky texture.
  • Vastly improved Server Browser. (And many more improvements to come!)
  • Vastly improved key bindings menu.
  • Much better control over graphical settings. Not as many or as detailed as we would like just yet, but it’s getting there! We do NOT recommend running on the lowest settings available – things get a little trippy.
  • A lot of other minor improvements have been made to certain systems, and much, much more to come!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to our Twitter for news on hotfixes. We predict we will be hotfixing through the weekend before beginning development on Build 011. Keep an ear close, and keep throwing us feedback! We’ve just started a new chapter with The Dead Linger releasing on Steam. Thank you all for your support on Greenlight, and your continued support as we develop. Be sure to spread the word to your friends, and maybe even a few enemies. We’ll let the dead sort the living.

Linger on Survivors!

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And click here to comment on this blog post!

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Pre-Orders: Get Your Steam Codes Here!

Hello Survivors!
We assume you’ve heard the news regarding The Dead Linger’s (Alpha) September 27th Early Access release on Steam! If you haven’t, check out our blog post and video!

If you’ve pre-ordered or otherwise owned The Dead Linger before our Steam release, you are eligible for a free copy of the game on the Steam platform. We want to give these codes out in advance so you’re ready to go when the game is live on the 27th. Read on for instructions on how to get your code!

There are three groups of people this blog post does not apply to just yet;
a) If you pre-ordered the game very recently (~24 hours) you may not have a code available yet. We will be adding your new purchase to the database soon. Check back periodically!
b) If you do not own The Dead Linger, there is no Steam code available for you. You can still pre-order it through this page, or wait for the release and buy it through Steam on the 27th.
c) If you already have a unique Steam code from us, such as our dev team or other internal testers, you can just ignore this entirely.

1) Log in to Sandswept.net, via the forum log in. This is the same log in as your game account.
2) Once you are logged in, go to THE STEAM CODE PAGE and your Steam code will be provided for you. Voila! [If it says you don't have a code when you already own the game, email us and let us know!]
3) You will require a Steam account to redeem and play The Dead Linger Alpha – Build 10 and onwards.
4) You first must download the Steam client and run it. Log in with your Steam account.
5) Along the top of the Steam client, click “Games” then click “Activate A Product On Steam…”
6) In the Product Activation window click “Next”
7) Click “I Agree”
8) Put your code in the Product Code field – either by copying and pasting, or entering it by hand.
9) You should be shown a section that says “Activation Successful!” at the top. Click “Next”
10) You will be shown a section with the amount of disk space TDL will take to install. Verify that you have enough disk space, then click “Next.”
11) The Dead Linger is now in your Steam library! It will unlock for download and play on the 27th. The game will not be playable until the official release on the 27th.

All future updates will be downloaded via Steam.

Thanks for your patience as we work towards our Steam release, and we look forward to seeing you on the 27th!

The Dead Linger Steam Store Page

Linger on, Survivors!

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Build 10 – Steam Release Date

Hello Survivors!
We are screaming down the tracks towards Build 10 as it steams onto… Uh, well… Steam! Watch the short teaser video below, where we announce the release date, the new engine, and, of course, Steam!

We’ve answered some frequently-tweeted-questions about our upcoming Steam release. Check ‘em out!

I’m just now hearing about this game. What is it?
The Dead Linger is the definitive zombie apocalypse survival, in every sense of the word. It has multiplayer, free-form baricading, and, eventually, just about everything you’ve dreamed of in apocalyptic simulation, with a MAJOR focus on classic Romero-style zombies as the core enemy. You can check out our Development Roadmap to view the features we have planned, and see where we’ve gone thus far. You can also view our Info page for a brief run-down on the game itself.

When is TDL releasing on Steam?
If all goes to plan, The Dead Linger will be releasing for PC (Windows) users on Steam, September 27th, 2013. If you plan to purchase the game once it’s on Steam, you will find it under the Early Access section.

What engine is the game running on in Build 10 and onward?
Like the weight of the sky upon the shoulders of Atlas, we are proud, relieved, and happy to announce that we are using the Unity 3D engine. It’s incredible how no one guessed that!

I already bought the game. How do I get a code for my Steam copy?
We will be sending out Steam codes to your email address tied to your Sandswept.net account. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages in the coming days, as we’ll announce when the codes are being sent. We are planning to send the codes prior To ensure that the code does not get stuck in your Spam folder, add noreply@sandsweptstudios.com to your address book.

How much will The Dead Linger cost once it releases on Steam?
We will be using the same pricing as it is now. We will also be changing the price come Beta, so be sure to pick the game up during Alpha for the discount! The pricing is as follows:*
United States: $19.99
Great Britain: £14.99
Europe: €18.99

*Some regions subject to change, not all region pricing shown

Will The Dead Linger have a 4-pack purchase option on Steam, and if so, what will be the price?
Yes, we are planning to include a 4-pack option. Here are the current prices for the 4-pack:*
United States: $44.99
Great Britain: £29.99
Europe: €41.99

*Some regions subject to change, not all region pricing shown. Alpha discount still applies.

What is Early Access?
Early Access is Valve’s new way of allowing Alpha and Beta games onto the Steam platform while they’re in development, allowing developers and fans to easier interact and discuss the game as it’s developed. We’re very excited to take part in this program, and we can’t thank Valve enough!

Will The Dead Linger be using Steam features, such as Join Game, Friends List, Achievements, Workshop, and more?
Yes! However, these features will not be active on the initial Build 10 release. We do have plans for user-submitted weapons and items via Steam Workshop, fun challenges and rewards through Steam Achievements, join-game-through-friendlist functionality, Steam trading cards, and a whole lot more! These will be introduced a bit later down the line. Stay tuned for more news on these features!

Will Dedicated Server be shipping with the Steam version?
As it is planned, yes. If we do not have time, dedicated servers will come in a hotfix shortly after release, and we are planning to have some great new server customization/administration features for you as well.

Will there be bugs?
Yes! Brand new ones, in fact! While we have vanquished many of the huge issues that plagued the code of 009c, Build 10 will have its own share of hiccups, missing bits, and other naughtiness that our expert team of bug-hunters will be destroying in a series of predicted hotfixes after Build 10 releases on Steam. We hope you all understand the true nature of Alpha, and we invite you all to enjoy the old-but-new experience running on the brand new engine.

Okay! So if I find a bug, what do I do?
Tell us! But don’t just tell us anywhere, tell us here!

Did Zag really do that one thing that one time and it was awesome?
Yes, definitely.

That’s all for now! We’ll recap most of this come Build 10 release, alongside a very comprehensive and well-written dev vlog. Welcome to the Apocalypse, both old and new. See you on 27th.

Linger on, Survivors!

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Survivor Spotlight: satchel_kachel

Hello Survivors!

It’s time for our Survivor Spotlight! The Survivor Spotlight is a monthly blog post where we hand-pick a Survivor from the community – like you – and interview them.

It’s September now, and I know you all have been patiently waiting for news on Build 010. I promise, your wait will be worth it!

For Sandswept’s September Survivor Spotlight (wow, that’s a lot of S’s), I’ve interviewed Brian Kachel, also known as satchel_kachel. Brian is a recent grad from George Mason University who studied Criminology, Law, and Society and lives right outside of Washington, D.C.

Not only is he an avid open-world sandbox fan, but he also happens to be scary good at speaking in just about any accent known to man! Read on to learn more about his thoughts and experiences with The Dead Linger!

FEMME: I love your handle, satchel_kachel. How did you come up with it?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: Way back in the day in high school, my best friend and I were joking that he was going to name his son Charlie Brown someday (his name is actually Chris Brown), and then he said to me that if I have a son I need to name him Satchel Kachel. The “kids” thing was pretty far away at the time so I adopted Satchel as my nickname. A lot of people in high school and even more in college called me it and, thus, it absolutely needed to be my TDL name.

FEMME: How did you first hear about The Dead Linger?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: In my junior year of college, my girlfriend’s best friend Ryan told me about this game that was in development. I had no clue what Kickstarter was, or what “Alpha Stage of Development” meant at the time, but the words “open-world zombie survival” made me search for the game on my phone seconds after he said them. TDL was still in pre-alpha at the time but I watched it closely, checking the blog for updates pretty much all day in between classes, when I woke up, and before I went to bed. I’d always wanted a game where you could go anywhere and do anything, and I was going crazy that the game I’d always thought about was finally here! Unfortunately I didn’t back the game on Kickstarter (something I still kick myself for), and it wasn’t until Build 007 that I actually purchased the game, but when I did I played it for days straight without stopping.

FEMME: What is your favorite item in the game?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: My favorite item in the game definitely depends on what I’m doing at the time. If I’m running around scavenging for stuff in houses, then I’ll always have a sledgehammer on me. It’s just as good as the katana and WAAAAAY easier to find. If I’m running around simply exploring new towns and forests I go with the .22 rifle; it’s got the scope and I think the most common ammo. Plus, I can always use spare bullets for a sidearm if – no, when – I get surrounded.

FEMME: What is your favorite style of playing The Dead Linger?

SATCHEL_KACHEL: My favorite playing style is definitely hunkering down and defending a single building (either a Swert’s, a 2-story house, or a barn). I like to loot all of the houses in a block and bring whatever I find of use into one location. Then I board it all up and hunker down for the zombies that find me. Sometimes there aren’t enough zeds, so I’ve even gone far enough to run through giant crowds of zombies and lead them back to my home base to surround me and make me fight for my life. When I’m not doing that, though, I like to build my own bases in trees and around electrical towers.

FEMME: How do you feel about PvP in The Dead Linger?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: Honestly, I’m not too jazzed up about PvP in most games, including TDL. The players usually aren’t very tactical or creative with it and it just turns into a shoot-someone-the-second-you-see-them kind of thing but I guess that’s what PvP is, so I don’t know, haha. I think for PvP to be really good there has to be some sort of cooperative component with it, not just pure killing.

FEMME: Are you looking to join a clan?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: Nope, no clan for me. I really like to go on my own in most games. I’ve never been too into working with other people. I was involved in a clan a long time ago on Xbox Live and when I briefly played WoW, but since then I’ve developed a real “Lone Wolf” mentality.

FEMME: What has been your most memorable moment in The Dead Linger so far?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: Oh dear, where to begin! I would say the most memorable time was when I was running around collecting zombies to follow me to my base. I must have gotten at least 40 of them, but I waited a little too late in the day and had gone too far from my house. Before I knew it I had this massive horde just feet away from me. The sun is setting so quickly and then, suddenly, daylight is GONE. Now its nighttime and I’m running frantically because every time I stop to shine my light around and see what direction my house is in, the zombies catch up with me. In retrospect I probably should’ve kept the coordinates in the back of my head.

So I decide to say screw it and just run in any direction until I find somewhere to hide or lose the mass of zombies chasing me, and I see a 2-story house coming up. Now, bear in mind this is all happening in Build 008c before the patch that made zombies follow you for a shorter amount of time. I’m in the house and I think I’m safe and that I’ve lost them. I go into the kitchen to try and find food when I hear a banging from the front door. I dismiss it as nothing, and then I hear a wooden crack and glass splintering; I run into the main hallway and see zombies pouring in. All I had on me was my .22 rifle and they were on me in less than a second.

Unfortunately, they got me. I was able to take a screenshot of the first zombie hitting me to commemorate what was definitely the craziest chase I’d been in. (Moving my hands off the keys to take the shot was probably why I died!) I actually ended up sending that screenshot to Zag when he was asking for in-game screens and it’s now the TDL icon pic on Steam Greenlight! So whenever I see that I get to re-live my favorite moment :)

FEMME: Good thing you were able to screenshot that moment! What are some of your thoughts and predictions on the Big Engine Change and Build 010?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: The BEC is absolutely going to change the entire game, even if the features in-game are the same. The new graphics and AA implemented are going to do a lot for drawing new players, and since the devs have said that the new engine is going to make updates come out faster, then we’ll get more content at a faster rate. It’s a win/win/win!

First and foremost for me, though, is that the game will go a bit faster and smoother with the new engine. I don’t have a huge expensive gaming rig, I’m just playing on a stock Dell laptop, so I’m really excited that the new engine should really change how smoothly the game runs for me.

FEMME: What do you like most about The Dead Linger?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: The thing that I like most about TDL is the thing that drew me to the game in the first place. You can truly go anywhere and do anything. Every door and every window in every building anywhere in the game is accessible. There are no invisible walls or flashing warnings when you go too far outside the map of the world, because the game is the world! It’s the sense of true freedom that I like about the game. And when you add in zombies to that? Wow…

FEMME: What are some of your favorite games?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: There’s a definite theme to my favorite games: huge open worlds. So I mostly play games like Just Cause 2, the Assassin’s Creed series, the Grand Theft Auto series, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Dead Island, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption. There’s kind of a zombie theme in there too.

Then there are games I know I’m going to need that haven’t come out yet, like GTA V, Watch Dogs, Saints Row 4, and Dead Rising 3. Games where you can just have fun in a massive sandbox are really all I play. Just give me a giant island, a few guns, a bunch of cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, and maybe a jetpack and I’ll play a game until the disk breaks.

FEMME: Lucky for us, TDL doesn’t require a disk! If you had to choose, Xbox One or PS4?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: I was so torn in making the decision between PS4 and Xbox One. I play a lot of media through my consoles which is easier and better on the PS3 (and I’m guessing the PS4), but there are a lot of Xbox One exclusives that I want. In the end, it was one thing that clenched the vote for me: Dead Rising 3! The second they announced that game and showed the gameplay I didn’t even care what games were on PS4.

FEMME: What do you like to do when you aren’t gaming?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: My absolute favorite things to do are outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, and canoeing/kayaking. I’m always looking for a fun new trail to hike near my house, and I’m actually planning a hike that would take a few weeks to complete! I also enjoy writing a lot. I’m in the middle of writing a zombie book now that’s just gotten past 400 pages. Maybe I could throw a few TDL references in there? :)

FEMME: That’s great! I’d love to read it when it’s complete! Now, what kind of tunes do you enjoy listening to?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: I’ll listen to really any music that’s easy to listen to, like acoustic stuff, indie folk, or light rock. During the summer my playlists are almost always country, though. It’s just something about the summer that makes country all I want to listen to. I don’t get too much into house music, electronic stuff or heavy metal.

FEMME: Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.
SATCHEL_KACHEL: I’m a 22 year old post-college guy that just likes to have fun. I go out with my friends, I watch TV a little too much (BREAKING BAD AHHH!), and I really like playing video games.

FEMME: Is there anyone you’d like to give a shoutout to?
SATCHEL_KACHEL: I’d like to give a shoutout to my friend Ryan who told me about TDL and to my lovely girlfriend Anjelica who made me perhaps the coolest shirt I’ve ever had.

FEMME: Great, thanks so much, satchel_kachel! It was a pleasure getting to know more about you!
SATCHEL_KACHEL: Thank you so much Dana for choosing me to interview for Sandswept’s September Survivor Spotlight! Geez, those ARE a lot of S’s to pronounce!

If you’d like to contact satchel_kachel, you can send him a PM on our Forums.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter and friend him on Facebook.

Linger on, Survivors.

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Survivor Spotlight: Themap

Hi Survivors!

It’s time for our Survivor Spotlight! The Survivor Spotlight is a monthly blog post where we hand-pick a Survivor from the community – like you – and interview them.

Ahh, another month, another Survivor to spotlight! This super cool Survivor is a jack-of-all-trades – he’s a modeler, programmer, AND a musician! Read on to learn more about the multi-lingual and Portuguese Themap!

FEMME: So what is your full name?
THEMAP: My name is Miguel Ângelo Miranda Pinto – yeah I know, quite a mouthful – and I’m 16 years old.

FEMME: How did you come up with your handle (Themap)?
THEMAP: My name was actually the main inspiration for my handle, because I was checking out the initials of my name and trying to form a name with them. I eventually ended with M.A.P., leaving the other M out because I wouldn’t get anywhere if I didn’t. I don’t know if that’s considered cheating. It just sounded right to me!

FEMME: How did you first hear about The Dead Linger?

THEMAP: I think I first heard about TDL in a forum post in the Wolfire community forums. That lead to Howell’s Master Screenshot Thread. I actually thought he worked for Sandswept so I just kept visiting the page and showing it to my friends until I finally realized he wasn’t working for you guys, and that was simply a fan-made page that shared the pictures and videos you guys released, so I created a forum account. I also think I saw some guy do a terribly wrong assumption about something gaming related, so I felt the urge to correct him.

FEMME: What is your favorite item in the game?
THEMAP: Definitely the Desert Eagle. I’m a Deagle freak. I’ve actually held one in my hands before.

FEMME: What is your favorite style of playing The Dead Linger?
THEMAP: I think I would probably be more keen to be stealthy in TDL, collecting my resources in the night and eventually barricading – if not building my own – houses, creating all kinds of traps to protect it from the walkers.

I’m also really into sniper rifles in video games. If you ever see me playing a competitive multiplayer game, I’ll most likely have a sniper equipped. Most people that know me will tell you that I’ll go completely ape-sweep- sometimes and grap a shotgun or a minigun and kill every zombie in the area. I’ve heard they’re a resentful bunch though, so they might come back to bite me in the ass.

FEMME: How do you feel about PvP in The Dead Linger?
THEMAP: I’m a natural prankster. I tend to lure my friends into trouble any chance I get. I go to the extent of designing traps to screw my friends in Minecraft. So yeah, I’d appreciate PvP in TDL, just so I can keep doing the same!

FEMME: What has been your most memorable moment in The Dead Linger?
THEMAP: My most memorable moment was definitely getting into a prison for the first time. For some reason it just felt weird (in a good way) opening the door to the cell blocks after walking forever. I realized the immense potential of TDL at that moment.

FEMME: What are some of your thoughts and predictions on the Big Engine Change and Build 010?
THEMAP: I’ve got a pretty high-end machine, so performance hasn’t been a problem for me. I’m looking forward to seeing the new shadows and overall graphical improvements in the new engine though. I think I’ll have to agree with those who say Unity will be the new engine. It doesn’t strike me as being a well kept secret anymore.. hehe!

FEMME: Haha, we’ll see about that soon! So what else are you looking forward to in the builds to come?
THEMAP: I think what will be the most fun for me in the next build will be hunting animals. Seems like a cool addition to the survival aspect of the game.

FEMME: And what do you like most about The Dead Linger?
THEMAP: The fact that it’s basically an infinite world. Just imagine the role-play possibilities within this! When the towns and the streets start getting names, it will provide an endless source of potential story-telling.

FEMME: What are some of your favorite video games?
THEMAP: My top 5 are The KOTOR Series (SWTOR was crap, it doesn’t count), Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Dragon Age 1, Assassins Creed 2, Red Dead Redemption.

I’m also into FIFA and NHL, and everything Naughty Dog has ever done. Hopefully TDL will be right up there someday!

FEMME: Good choices! What video game genres do you enjoy playing the most?
THEMAP: I’m really into RPG games, but only if telling a story is their main preoccupation. That’s mostly the reason why I adore KOTOR so much. I’ve been getting kinda sick of easy games recently though, so I’m into everything that’s hard or that has a focus in survival.

FEMME: What’s your rig looking like?
THEMAP: I’ve built my custom PC, so the specs are as follows:

Motherboard- MSI-Z77A-G45- 
CPU- FX-8120 AM3+ BOX BLACK EDITION 8 core 3.5 GHz

FEMME: Very nice! So I know you’re an indie dev “when you have the time” – can you tell me more about what you do?
THEMAP: “When I have the time” basically means when I’m not studying, rehearsing, playing hockey or PC games. I’ve been into modeling and programming for about 5 years. Recently I’ve been working on improving my modeling abilities.

FEMME: That’s right – you’ve posted some pretty impressive stuff on our Survivor Creations forum! What are you studying at school?
THEMAP: My course right now is the typical high school course, with more in-depth views on Advanced Math, Biology, and Physics. I’ve been able to keep a 17.3/20 average on all disciplines, so I’m pretty proud of myself. I intend on following a video game development degree when I go to University.

FEMME: What languages do you know? Are there any that you’d like to learn?
THEMAP: I can speak Portuguese and English fluently. I have basic knowledge on French and Spanish. I’d really like to learn Russian someday.

FEMME: I hear that you are in a band. Can you tell me more about it and what kind of music you play?
THEMAP: We are a group of 4 guys that go by the name of Nausea. We’re really influenced by grunge and metal bands like Nirvana, Seether, Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, and Alice In Chains.

We have been playing together for about 1 year now, only doing covers. We are starting to compose a few songs of our own. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. I’m the rhythm guitarist as well as the lead vocals – I try not to suck TOO much. I really advise our cover of “Drain You” from Nirvana. I’m particularly proud of that one!

FEMME: Awesome! All of those bands are great! And last question: Is there anyone you’d like to give a shoutout to?
THEMAP: I’d like to give a shout out and a kudos to Travis (aka “TooL” on the forums) for the amazing amount of support and help he’s been giving me to finish the crossbow and sniper I’m making for TDL. Also Howell, who seems to be going through some rough times. Get well, brother!

I’d like to thank you guys at Sandswept for being so awesome and letting me do this. Also Dana, you’ve got a pretty big hand in me liking Avenged Sevenfold, since you shared that video of them in Rock AM ring, which I heard thoroughly, so a huge “thank you” to you – you’ve got yourself a fan.

FEMME: I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions! Thanks again!

If you would like to contact Themap, you can send him a PM on the Sandswept Forums.

You can also follow him on Twitter and add him as a Facebook friend.

Be sure to check out his band’s YouTube page as well!

Linger on, Survivors.

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